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Is a 30mph limit right for the new by-pass?

Posted on Tuesday 6th November 2018 at 12:14 am by SH (Editor)

30mph sign on the Stoke Gifford By-Pass.

The 30mph speed limit along much of the new Stoke Gifford Transport Link (SGTL) between Parkway North and the A4174 Ring Road has been called into question by a number of residents who have contacted the Journal.

Between Parkway North Roundabout and a point just north of the Hambrook Lane crossing, the speed limit is 40mph, but the remainder of the road up to its junction with the A4174 has a limit of just 30mph.

Between Hambrook Lane and Oxleigh Way (the entrance into the Highbrook Park housing development) the road runs through open countryside and there are no junctions.

When opinions on the matter were sought on the Bradley Stoke Journal’s Facebook page, an overwhelming majority of more than 70 respondents said the speed limit should be 40mph or even 50mph throughout. Several readers who said they try to comply with the 30mph limit said they had been subjected to tailgating or dangerous undertaking manoeuvres.

The 30mph limit has recently been enforced by the police mobile speed camera unit.

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesperson said:

“The speed limits for the SGTL were set out at the design stage. Road safety professionals were involved at the design stage and continue to monitor road use. The East of Harry Stoke development will be built adjacent to the SGTL and there are no proposals to change the current speed limits at present.”

Comments on the Bradley Stoke Journal Facebook page

Nicola: I think it should be 40, at least until the housing development is complete and road usage is known.

Matt: Didn’t actually realise it’s a 30; it’s certainly not what’s observed!

Shirley: Nobody seems to do 30. I end up getting tailgated when I do.  It doesn’t seem the right limit for that road at this moment in time.

Sam: 40 seems sensible considering you have 40 through the middle in places through Bradley Stoke!

David: 30 is fine for me, I drive at 30 and don’t feel intimidated by a pratt trying to tailgate me.

Read more comments and add your own at http://bit.ly/bsj-181001

Photo: 30mph sign on the Stoke Gifford By-Pass, just before the Hambrook Road junction (when travelling south).

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One Response to “Is a 30mph limit right for the new by-pass?”

  1. Alex Hosking Says:

    It seems very hard to believe that any kind of road engineer designed that to be a 30mph limit road if they did they need glasses, compare that road to Heron Way where it’s a 40mph speed limit. It looks like it should be a 50 limit really.

    They should measure the speed the majority of drivers drive at and use that as a basis for setting the speed limit, that’s what the DfT guidelines are.
    When you do that the speed limit is mostly respected and compliance is high.

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