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Farewell to parish clerk Steve Shield

Posted on Saturday 11th January 2020 at 8:12 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of Cllr Keith Cranney (right) bidding farewell to departing parish clerk Steve Shield.

After nearly 22 years working in local government within South Gloucestershire, with the last nine years as parish clerk and responsible financial officer for Stoke Gifford Parish Council, Steve Shield recently left his post to take up a new position as town clerk of Sherborne in Dorset.

During his time in post, Steve was instrumental in moving the parish council forward, maintaining strong professional working relationships within the council, as well as connecting with many residents, hall hirers, park users, and local organisations in Stoke Gifford.

Steve was successful in obtaining a significant amount of external funding which has contributed towards building improvements, improved sports provision, improved infrastructure and an investment into new street furniture across the wider parish.

Current parish council chair Cllr Keith Cranney commented:

“Our best wishes go to Steve and his family from everyone associated with the parish council and I personally thank him for his outstanding contribution to the parish over many years.”

Photo: Cllr Keith Cranney (right) bids farewell to Steve Shield.

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Bins uncollected despite paying new charge

Posted on Tuesday 29th April 2014 at 2:46 pm by SH (Editor)

Green bin not emptied in Little Stoke.

Householders in Little Stoke have hit out after their green bins were left uncollected despite paying South Gloucestershire Council’s controversial new charge for the collection of garden waste, dubbed a “bin tax” by Conservative councillors who opposed its introduction.

Residents living in Silver Birch Close (off Braydon Avenue) are the latest to complain about the “chaos” of the council’s green bin charging policy after they failed to receive their scheduled green bin collections since the change kicked in on 31st March.

Carol Mason of Silver Birch Close in Little Stoke said:

“Our experience tells us that South Gloucestershire Council’s green bin charging policy is in chaos. Households are paying the £36 bin tax, but are still not having their bins collected as scheduled.”

Fellow Silver Birch Close resident Hilda Atkinson added:

“We should be receiving some form of compensation or refund for the fact that we are not receiving the service which we have paid for, but we won’t hold our breath. The council should have left the green bin collection service as it was, rather than introduce the chaos that it has.”

Stoke Gifford Councillor Keith Cranney (Conservative) said:

“It’s utterly unacceptable that, despite forking out for this punitive bin tax, residents have not had their green bin waste collected on either of the last two collection cycles as scheduled. It beggars belief that the council seems to be making it as difficult as possible for households to do the right thing and recycle their waste. This new ‘service’ is a complete shambles and households paying the bin tax are being ripped off.”

Photo (l-r): Carol Mason, Cllr Keith Cranney and Hilda Atkinson.

Source: Press release from the Conservative Group on South Gloucestershire Council.

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Stoke Gifford Parish Council to consult on converting to ‘town’ status

Posted on Sunday 16th February 2014 at 8:16 pm by SH (Editor)

'Parish of Stoke Gifford - Little Stoke' road sign.

Stoke Gifford Parish Council has announced that it is considering passing a resolution to become a town council and would like to hear the views of the local community on the proposal.

It has organised a public open evening, on Tuesday 4th March 2014 at St Michael’s Church Rooms between 7pm and 9pm, which will provide an opportunity for local residents to talk to the parish clerk and councillors on a one-to-one basis about their views.

Stoke Gifford has a population of around 15,500 and is now larger than what most people would consider as a village. It has been the fastest growing parish/town council in South Gloucestershire since the census in 2001, with statistics from South Gloucestershire Council showing over a 30 percent rise in population over this period.

Industry is also significantly developing, with the introduction of a rail maintenance depot, new technical colleges and a potential football stadium, to name but a few.

In a statement issued on Friday (14th February), parish clerk Steve Shields writes:

“Stoke Gifford has a solid identity but would benefit from having a greater presence in the form of a mayor who would represent the council at local events and assist in promoting the work of the council for the benefit of the wider community.”

“Council recognise that there may be a variety of views on this issue. Individuals and local organisations can still choose for themselves as to whether they wish to use the term parish, village or town. Council can resolve to change its status to a town but have agreed to consult with the local community before voting to pass a resolution.”

A further consultation event will be held in Little Stoke at a later date.

Information from the National Association of Local Councils

Q. What’s the difference between a parish council and a town council?

A. Not a great deal. They both have the same powers and can provide the same services. The only difference is that a town council has decided that it should be known as a town council instead of a parish council, and has a mayor.

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Youth, community and transport projects compete for Area Forum funding

Posted on Tuesday 26th February 2013 at 11:53 am by SH (Editor)

Little Stoke Youth Centre, Little Stoke Lane, Stoke Gifford, Bristol.

A number of Stoke Gifford youth, community and transport projects stand to benefit from decisions due to be made at a meeting of South Gloucestershire Council’s (SGC’s) Southern Brooks Area Forum tonight (Tuesday 26th).

Stoke Gifford Parish Council (SGPC) has applied for a grant of £21k to fund “universal youth provision” at Little Stoke Youth Centre, which is due to be taken over by the Parish Council in April after SGC announced it could no longer afford to run it.

SGPC says it plans to work with the Creative Youth Network to provide activities for young people on three evenings per week, the full cost of which will be £34k in 2013/14.

SGC officers have recommended that the full £21k be granted from the forum’s Positive Activities budget of £102k.

Three Stoke Gifford community groups are hopeful of receiving a share of the forum’s £32k Small Revenue Grant budget.

Stoke Lane Athletic FC has applied for £1,700 towards the cost of purchasing a defibrilator. SGC officers have recommended that £1,500 be allocated towards the total project cost of £2,432, which includes training of a club member to become an instructor in the use of the equipment.

Harriers Acrobatic Gymnastic Club, which runs sessions at  Little Stoke Primary School, would like £3,000 towards the cost of purchasing a set of twelve portable ‘air floors’. The inflatable mats would allow the gymnasts to improve their skills, while at the same time reducing the risk of impact injuries. SGC officers have recommended that the group be given £2,610, which will permit the purchase of three mats.

The South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group has applied for £1,000 towards the cost of producing and publicising a book about the Harry Stoke Coal Mine, which was the the last mine operating in the Bristol Coalfield. A launch event is planned, at which former Harry Stoke miners would share memories of their working lives. SGC officers have recommend that a contribution of £500 be given to the group.

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