Beavers go global on overnight camp weekend

Posted on Wednesday 13th November 2019 at 8:10 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of the Beavers on camp at Woodhouse Park.

On the first weekend of October, 1st Little Stoke Beavers attended an amazing event, the Beaveree, at Woodhouse Park, near Almondsbury. This is a Jamboree for Beavers, organised by the Brunel Scout district and themed this year around the Beavers’ Global badge.

During the day, seven different Beaver groups from across the Brunel district took part in a range of global-based activities. There were seven different stations for the Beavers to explore and enjoy. The activities ranged from creating masks of endangered animals, learning about the importance of recycling and the impact not recycling can have on the environment, to the teamwork activities of building a water filter and making a catapult to transport goods.

The daytime activities were concluded with a large wide game, which saw the 80 plus Beavers taking part in an exciting game which helped explain the importance of fair trade. Everyone then moved to the campfire area where the leaders taught them songs from around the world, finishing with a rousing chorus of ‘Campfire’s Burning’.

Two Beaver groups, including 1st Little Stoke, elected to enjoy an overnight stay at Woodhouse – all the other groups decided it was too cold! While the Whitehall pack enjoyed the pre-erected ready-made tented glamping-style village, 1st Little Stoke enjoyed the real camping of the pack tents their leaders had set up the previous evening.
Before a dinner of hot dogs, the Beavers all enjoyed exploring Woodhouse on a treasure trail, working as a team to find the clues to solve the mystery. After dinner was tidied away, the Beavers enjoyed playing parachute games before joining the other Beaver pack for more songs around the campfire and, of course, hot chocolate and s’mores.

Then it was off to bed in the newly bought blackout tents. Woodhouse was filled with excitable giggles as the Beavers snuggled into their sleeping bags, told stories and looked after each other. This camp was a first for five of the Beavers, with three of them only being with the pack for just over a month. All the Beavers enjoyed a lovely night’s sleep despite the noisy owl waking some of them at 2am!

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Gipsy Patch railway bridge works step up a gear

Posted on Monday 11th November 2019 at 11:55 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of an excavator preparing the embankment for piling.

Construction activity at the Gipsy Patch Lane railway bridge site stepped up a gear in the fourth week of October as contractors Alun Griffiths began excavating the railway embankment on the east side of the bridge following a period of vegetation clearance.

The excavation work, to both flanks of the bridge, is a precursor to the commencement of piling work necessary to create foundations that will support the much wider replacement bridge at each of its four corners.

In late September, South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) announced that piling work at the site was expected to start on 14th October and last for around three months. However, as we went to press in late October, it still hadn’t started and we understand that a new commencement date of 4th November has been scheduled.

The excavation work on the east side of the bridge has required a large amount of material to be transported under the bridge to the site compound on the other side, which has necessitated the use of traffic control using stop/go boards. This work has so far been restricted to off-peak times, which has minimised disruption on the road network.

The new bridge will weigh approximately 4,500 tonnes and it will sit on foundations piled to a depth of 25 metres. To minimise disturbance for local residents, noise mitigation measures such as sound barriers will be used around the piling equipment.

Most of the piling will take place during the daytime between the hours of 7.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. However, SGC says it is not expected that piling will be carried out every day during this time.

It is anticipated that overnight work will be required for approximately 18 nights during the first two months of the piling. This will be carried out between the hours of 6pm and 3am. If weekend work is required, this will only take place on Saturday mornings between 8am and 1pm.

In other news, SGC has published a more detailed construction programme for the Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension project (see below) which shows that highway-widening works on Gipsy Patch Lane east of the bridge will now not begin until autumn 2020. This is a change to the programme previously published as part of the planning application which foresaw this work starting in summer 2019 and requiring a one-way closure of a stretch of Gipsy Patch Lane for 12 months.

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Rainbows prepare toy library poppy tribute

Posted on Saturday 9th November 2019 at 6:39 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of Stoke Gifford Toy Library decorated with poppies made by Rainbow Guides.

The 2nd Stoke Gifford Rainbow Unit have been putting the finishing touches to their Armistice Day tribute. The Rainbows have been getting crafty and have made hundreds of pom poms in red & black and purple & black in order to honour the fallen soldiers and animals.

The pom poms will be used to adorn the Stoke Gifford Toy Library, both inside and out and will be in place ready for the Stoke Gifford Remembrance Day parade (details below).

The photo above shows a trial run of the external decorations; these will be reinstated on the day of the parade.

Poppy decorations inside the toy library will be installed on 1st November.

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UWE scientists give Scouts a helping hand

Posted on Thursday 7th November 2019 at 5:02 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of Stoke Gifford Scouts taking part in a science activity at UWE.

Stoke Gifford’s Old School Room (OSR) Scouts have been busy again since returning from the summer break. A new Scientist Activity Badge being introduced into the system of 69 activity badges has given the Scouts something to get their teeth into and the University of the West of England (UWE) have been more than happy to help out.

The troop attended the science department where Paul and Heather took them through four experiments with research, observations and overall results being recorded.

The troop has also registered the fingerprinting experiment towards a Bronze CREST Award, a science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) qualification.

The 30 Scouts had a fabulous time at the university and couldn’t thank the lecturers enough for giving up their time to get them through this new badge.

One of the Scouts commented that she had already had a science lesson at school that day but the UWE session had really been fun and made her enjoy science!

Troop leader Andrew Phelps said

“It’s great when Scouting joins forces with other community organisations to provide our young people with such a great experience. We would like to say a massive thank you to UWE and especially Paul and Heather.”

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