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Public Consultations

Brins Close, Stoke Gifford, Bristol.

This page lists current and previous consultations having a particular relevance to the parish of Stoke Gifford.

Photo: Double yellow lines a the junction of Brins Close and North Road.

South Gloucestershire Council

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Current and recent consultations

North Road Raised Zebra Crossings
Opened 17th Jun 2019; Closes 8th Jul 2019; Report due TBA

Stoke Lane and Little Stoke Lane Traffic Calming & 20mph Zone
Opened 21st May 2019; Closes 14th Jun 2019; Report due TBA

Great Stoke Roundabout – Proposed Improvement
Opened 6th Feb 2019; Closed 29th Mar 2019; Report due TBA

A38 to Little Stoke Park Patchway Link – Multi-Use Path
Opened 5th Feb 2019; Closed 1st Mar 2019; Report due 10th May 2019

Previous consultations on waiting restrictions

Stoke Gifford- Parkway Station area – Review of waiting restrictions – phase two continuation
Opened 29th Jul 2014; Closed 18th Aug 2014

Stoke Gifford – Parkway Station area – Review of waiting restrictions – phase two
Opened 26th Aug 2013; Closed 20th Sep 2013

Stoke Gifford – Parkway Station Area Parking Review
Opened: 9th May 2011; Closed: 1st Jul 2011

Previous consultations on other issues

Mulgrove Farm, Hambrook – Consultation on the future of Property
Opened 29th May 2015; Closed 3rd Jul 2015

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