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By the left… Army Cadets’ hat-trick of successes

Posted on Sunday 9th June 2019 at 5:18 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of a group of Stoke Gifford Army Cadets with the drill competition winners' shield.

The Stoke Gifford Detachment of the Bristol Army Cadet Force (ACF) recently competed in the B Company Bristol ACF Annual Inter-Detachment Drill Competition. The competition, which was held during their Company Navigation Weekend Camp in March, took place at Knook Camp on Salisbury Plain Training Area.

B Company Navigation weekend is traditionally the first of four weekend camps of the year, normally held in the spring. The weekend consists of various Training and Testing opportunities for the Cadets, in numerous subjects as part of their Army Proficiency Certificate Syllabus, including Military Knowledge, First Aid, Navigation, Drill and Turnout. All Cadets have to undergo these Training and Testing weekends to enable them to pass their Subject Tests and achieve their Star Level.

The Cadets arrived on Friday evening and the first job was to organise them into their relevant Star Levels, from Basic Cadets to Inexperienced Cadets, 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star and finally 4 Star who are the most senior and experienced Cadets. Allocation of accommodation and camp brief was shortly followed by bed as the Cadets were facing an early start the next day.

Saturday was a busy day for everyone, with adults and Senior Cadets all ready to deliver their lessons on numerous subjects to the Cadets, with the main priority being Navigation, as later in the day all Cadets participated in a Navigation Exercise where they were assessed on their navigation skills relating to their Star level.

Sunday arrived and the excitement for the Drill Competition was clear, with all Detachments going through their final preparations. The Drill Competition consisted of a Turnout Inspection by the Company Sergeant Major (CSM) where the Cadets’ uniforms are inspected. This was followed by a pre-planned routine of various drill movements, including marching and turns, which each Detachment must complete, with the loss of ½ point for each error made. Drill requires the Cadets to be disciplined and to work as a team, which requires weeks, if not months, of training.

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Could the Army Cadet Force be for you?

Posted on Thursday 9th May 2019 at 9:28 pm by Laura Mortimore

Photo of Cdts Bishop,Massey and Porter performing a Command Task.

The Stoke Gifford detachment of the Army Cadet Force (ACF) is on the lookout for new recruits as well as adult volunteers.

Located in the after-school club next to St Michael’s Primary School on Ratcliffe Drive, the Cadets are one of the most established detachments in the area, having won numerous awards for winning drill and football competitions.

Once you turn 12 and are in Year 8 of school, you can join the Army Cadets. It is open to both males and females and at the moment, the Stoke Gifford detachment actually has slightly more girls than boys. The Army Cadets are sponsored by the MoD which makes it very affordable to attend – they only ask for a contribution of 25p per night. They parade twice a week; on a Tuesday and Thursday between 7.00pm and 9.30pm.

As a Cadet, you would be able to enjoy an array of activities, many of which are taught in the army. These include weekend camps, drill practice, field craft, weapons training and first aid training.

Whereas in the Scouts and Guides you work towards earning badges, in the Cadets, you earn your star levels. In each level, you have to pass certain subjects that are both practical and theory based. As you go up through the star levels, you will get promoted to a higher cadet rank; starting as a lance corporal, eventually becoming a sergeant major.

Sergeant Instructor Paul Clark, who runs the detachment, believes there are many benefits of joining the Cadets. He said:

“The young people who join the Cadets get so much out of it. As they move up the ranks, they gain management skills. They can earn qualifications such as first aid, BTEC Diplomas and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I have seen so many kids come in here who would hardly say a word and now their confidence has grown so much that they can lead a drill practice and other activities. Most importantly though, they build great friendships; not just here at the detachment but with other cadets throughout Bristol and the whole country.”

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