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Housing Society plans demolition of houses on seven local roads

Posted on Monday 18th March 2013 at 7:00 pm by Nikki Hallur

Merlin Housing Society properties in Collins Avenue, Little Stoke.

Merlin Housing Society, the largest provider of social housing in the area, has informed residents that around 65 properties in Stoke Gifford (including Little Stoke) might require demolition as part of its redevelopment plan. The total number of houses to be redeveloped across South Gloucestershire is over 400.

The properties have been identified as having various structural problems such as poor insulation and damp. Merlin Housing has justified the need for its redevelopment programme by the fact that the houses were constructed after World War II as a quick and temporary solution for the many people that needed accommodation. The deteriorating condition of the buildings now requires restructuring. Over the next seven years, the housing society aims to refurbish some of the old houses and completely reconstruct others. Merlin has said that the demolition notices to residents are a legal requirement, but some of the notified houses may not be redeveloped.

As part of the redevelopment process, Merlin will compensate residents with a payment of £4,700 as well as provision of temporary accommodation elsewhere. Whilst most residents will come back to the same home, Merlin has said it cannot guarantee that everyone will be placed back in the same building because restructuring may mean that a different home in the housing society is more suited to residents when they move back.

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