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Three-day closure of Hatchet Road over Christmas period

Posted on Saturday 22nd December 2018 at 7:12 pm by SH (Editor)

Railway bridge between Hatchet Road and Brierly Furlong

Network Rail is warning motorists and bus passengers of a three-day closure of Hatchet Road, in the vicinity of Parkway Station, over the Christmas period. The closure is necessary because a crane needs to be positioned in the carriageway in order to install a large, new signalling structure across the tracks.

The closure will affect local traffic which normally passes under the Parkway railway bridge across all three days, and rail passengers needing to access the station on 24th December (no trains run on 25th or 26th December).

The section of road to be closed stretches from the mini-roundabout at the North Road junction, under the bridge, to the mini-roundabout at the Church Road junction.

The closure means that motor vehicles will not be able to access Parkway Station from Hatchet Road between 6.00am on 24th December until 4.30am on 27th December and will instead need to access the station from the east via Hunts Ground Road.

Walking routes will remain in place for pedestrians. Cyclists may use the walking route, but should dismount.

Public buses will not use the station bus stops during this time. Therefore, station users will need to use the bus stops marked ‘Ratcliffe Drive’ on Hatchet Road (these are the ones north of the roundabout at the junction of Ratcliffe Drive and Sandringham Road). Anyone of limited mobility who requires assistance to travel between the bus stop and the station should look out for the taxi service that will shuttle between the two locations (on 24th December only).

There will be a phone number displayed at the ‘Ratcliffe Drive’  bus stop on Hatchet Road for people with limited mobility to call should they need assistance.

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Braydon Avenue to be closed for up to three weeks from 2nd March

Posted on Wednesday 25th February 2015 at 6:38 pm by SH (Editor)

Chicane priority narrowing on Braydon Avenue, Little Stoke.

South Gloucestershire Council has announced that Braydon Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic for a period of up to three weeks from Monday 2nd March in order to allow the construction of a raised speed table near the Concord Medical Centre.

The speed table will replace the existing chicane priority narrowing at the same location, which the council claims will result in “less conflict on the road between motor vehicles”.

The £23,000 scheme was prioritised by the council’s Southern Brooks Area Forum in February 2014. Consultation on the proposals took place from 18th August to 7th September 2014.

No objections were received when the statutory notice for the scheme was advertised in November 2014. According to that document, the new speed table will extend over the full width of the carriageway and be 10 metres in length and 75 millimetres (maximum) in height.

As part of the scheme, dropped kerbs and tactile paving will be installed to provide pedestrians with an improved informal crossing facility.

The crossing provides access to a public footpath which runs parallel to Braydon Avenue, but is separated from the road by a row of trees and a brook.

In its statement of reasons for proposing the work, the council says the current arrangement is ineffective at reducing vehicle speeds:

“The disadvantage of the current traffic calming measure (chicane priority narrowing) is that motor vehicles with priority are not required to reduce their speed and motor vehicles without priority are not required to reduce their speed if there is no oncoming vehicle approaching.”

To enable the construction work to be undertaken safely, Braydon Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic between the Concord Medical Centre and Silver Birch Close.

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Gipsy Patch Lane closed overnight tonight (Mon 18th) for bridge inspection

Posted on Monday 18th February 2013 at 1:32 pm by SH (Editor)

Overnight closure of Gipsy Patch Lane on 18th/19th February 2013.

Gipsy Patch Lane will be closed overnight tonight (Monday/Tuesday 18th/19th February) to allow network Rail to undertake a detailed examination of the railway bridge.

The road will be closed from 10pm tonight (Monday 18th) until 6am tomorrow morning.

The alternative route for vehicles is A38 Gloucester Road North, A4174 Link Road, A4174 Station Road, Great Stoke Way, Brierley Furlong, Hatchet Road, and vice versa.

According to an entry on the website, the detailed examination of the underbridge will be undertaken “using one road mounted mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) and small hand tools”.

South Gloucestershire Council previously published a traffic order stating that Gipsy Patch Lane would be closed for five days from 18th February, but it believed that this is a precaution in case the works need to be postponed or overrun.

The Council caused confusion earlier this month when it erected signs in Little Stoke Lane stating that the lane would be closed for eight weeks from 4th February. The work taking place there involves replacing a number of priority narrowings with full-width raised tables. The Council later stated that it only intends to close the road for a single week starting from 25th March.

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