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Stoke Gifford Toy Library proving a big hit

Posted on Tuesday 18th December 2018 at 10:33 pm by Laura Mortimore

 Photo of the Toy Library decorated with a Children in Need theme. Photo of the Toy Library decorated with a Halloween theme.

The Stoke Gifford Toy Library has been open since the beginning of September 2018 and has so far proven to be a roaring success. The phone box, located opposite The Green on North Road in Stoke Gifford, is proving very popular with the local community as there has been a high turnover of items and sometimes too much stuff to fit inside!

Although it is hard to say how many people have been using the Toy Library, many people have been contacting the 2nd Stoke Gifford Rainbows to ask about the project, wanting to donate items or just commenting on what a nice idea it is. The ‘Stoke Gifford Toy Library’ Facebook page has 197 followers, and their Facebook ‘reach’ has peaked at 3,152 which is very impressive. Currently, the library contains plenty of toddler and pre-school toys, but it doesn’t have many for older children. The Rainbows are now looking for donations of board games, puzzles and other things that older children would be interested in.

Alix, leader of the 2nd Stoke Gifford Rainbows, has been really pleased with the response from the public, saying:

“The box is very well looked after by the public – initial fears that we may be vandalised haven’t come to pass so far. The majority of toys don’t get returned (which isn’t a problem, as we have plenty), however those that do are fine to be borrowed again; we’ve not had anything returned which has had to be thrown away.”

Since the Toy Library has been open, the Rainbows and Brownies have been decorating it to different themes. As you walk by, you may have noticed colourful butterflies, spooky Halloween decorations and bright red poppies. The phone box is currently decorated with an array of colourful spots which were put up to represent Children in Need on Friday 16th November. The Rainbows and Brownies are planning new themes of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Christmas’ throughout December and then ‘Chinese New Year’ in January.

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Grand opening of Stoke Gifford Toy Library

Posted on Tuesday 23rd October 2018 at 8:42 pm by Laura Mortimore

Photo of Rainbow leader Alix giving a short speech.

The grand opening of the new Stoke Gifford Toy Library, housed in a traditional red ‘heritage’ phone box in the centre of the ‘village’, took place on Saturday 8th September.

The idea for a toy library came about six months ago after the 2nd Stoke Gifford Rainbows visited the North Bristol Foodbank. The girls decided that they wanted to do something for children in the community who may not be as fortunate as themselves. During a Rainbows meeting, they decided to collect toys and books and then it was just a case of finding somewhere to store them. The phone box, located at The Green, North Road (near the Beaufort Arms), had been out of use for a number of months and was therefore bought by the parish council for £1 as they didn’t want to see it torn down. After approaching the council, the Rainbows were eventually given permission to turn it into a community toy library.

Funding for the project was secured after a massive effort by volunteers, girls and supporters saw them collect over 96,000 Bristol Post tokens and win the second-place prize of £2,000 in the 2018 Airbus Community Awards. This money was put towards refurbishment and painting of the telephone box, professional stickers for the windows and the all-important shelves for toys to be stored. The money that is left over will be used to maintain the facility in the coming years.

The grand opening was attended by children from both Rainbows and Brownies, as well as two local councillors and guests of honour Richard Bagenda and Bryan Curry, who gave up a lot of their time to help transform the phone box. There was also a cake sale held on The Green, with all proceeds going to the Gromit Unleashed 2 Appeal.

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