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Consultation on extra traffic calming measures for Stoke Lane & Little Stoke Lane

Posted on Wednesday 12th June 2019 at 8:50 pm by SH (Editor)

 Photo of a traffic chicane on Little Stoke Lane. Photo of speed cushions on Stoke Lane.

South Gloucestershire Council has opened a public consultation on a swathe of additional traffic calming measures that it is proposing to implement on two busy roads through Little Stoke and Stoke Lodge.

According to a ‘statement of reasons’ published as part of the consultation, the proposed scheme is intended to encourage walking and cycling to schools.

The council says that funding has been made available to install additional traffic calming measures on Stoke Lane and Little Stoke Lane. It also wants to introduce an extended 20mph zone covering the full length of Stoke Lane and the northern end of Little Stoke Lane, plus all associated side roads.

The scheme is intended to help reduce speeds and improve road safety, particularly for school children walking from Patchway Community School and the following primary schools: Holy Family, St Chad’s, Stoke Lodge and Little Stoke.

The proposed additional traffic calming measures include speed tables, speed cushions, additional speed limit signing and road markings. A number of additional dropped-kerb pedestrian crossings will also be created.

The council says it intends to implement the proposals during the current financial year (2019/20), subject to comments received during the consultation and subsequent public advertisement of traffic regulation orders.

Anyone wishing to comment on the scheme should respond by 14th June by completing a questionnaire that is available on the council’s website.

If you don’t have access to the internet and wish to have paper copies of all the consultation documents and a questionnaire to complete, phone 01454 863958.

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Braydon Avenue to be closed for up to three weeks from 2nd March

Posted on Wednesday 25th February 2015 at 6:38 pm by SH (Editor)

Chicane priority narrowing on Braydon Avenue, Little Stoke.

South Gloucestershire Council has announced that Braydon Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic for a period of up to three weeks from Monday 2nd March in order to allow the construction of a raised speed table near the Concord Medical Centre.

The speed table will replace the existing chicane priority narrowing at the same location, which the council claims will result in “less conflict on the road between motor vehicles”.

The £23,000 scheme was prioritised by the council’s Southern Brooks Area Forum in February 2014. Consultation on the proposals took place from 18th August to 7th September 2014.

No objections were received when the statutory notice for the scheme was advertised in November 2014. According to that document, the new speed table will extend over the full width of the carriageway and be 10 metres in length and 75 millimetres (maximum) in height.

As part of the scheme, dropped kerbs and tactile paving will be installed to provide pedestrians with an improved informal crossing facility.

The crossing provides access to a public footpath which runs parallel to Braydon Avenue, but is separated from the road by a row of trees and a brook.

In its statement of reasons for proposing the work, the council says the current arrangement is ineffective at reducing vehicle speeds:

“The disadvantage of the current traffic calming measure (chicane priority narrowing) is that motor vehicles with priority are not required to reduce their speed and motor vehicles without priority are not required to reduce their speed if there is no oncoming vehicle approaching.”

To enable the construction work to be undertaken safely, Braydon Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic between the Concord Medical Centre and Silver Birch Close.

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Confusion over “eight-week” closure of Little Stoke Lane

Posted on Monday 4th February 2013 at 12:08 pm by SH (Editor)

Sign announcing the closure of Little Stoke Lane for eight weeks.An advertised eight-week closure of Little Stoke Lane, to install a series of traffic-calming ‘raised tables’, has caused confusion amongst local drivers and bus passengers.

The closure was advertised on the website yesterday (Sunday 3rd February) and yellow signs along the road confirm a closure of eight weeks, starting from today (Monday 4th February).

One bus passenger, writing on Twitter on Sunday evening, asked First Group about possible bus diversions during the closure:

The fact that the work was likely to start today was reported last week in The Journal, subject to the scheme being given the go-ahead at a South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) Committee meeting on 30th January.

A team of contractors duly arrived this morning, and they were observed using mechanical excavators to remove one of the road narrowings near Little Stoke Primary School.

When The Journal asked South Gloucestershire Council for a statement on the road closure, we were told:

“This work will see new traffic calming measures implemented on Little Stoke Lane. Following discussion with representatives of the local community, we will be replacing the current priority narrowings of the road with speed tables, which are considered more effective in reducing traffic speeds and promoting safer driving.”

However, a statement put out by bus operator First Group on Twitter this morning suggests that the information on the yellow road signs might be misleading:

UPDATE (5:15pm): An SCG spokesperson told The Journal: “Although the work has begun, the lane will be open for the whole duration up until the last week of March (w/c 25th March) when it will shut for one week for the speed tables to be installed.”

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Committee to consider objections to Little Stoke Lane speed table proposals

Posted on Monday 28th January 2013 at 5:38 pm by SH (Editor)

Traffic calming chicane on Little Stoke Lane, Little Stoke, Bristol.

Objections to proposals to replace priority narrowings in Little Stoke Lane with a series of full-width raised tables are to be considered at a Council meeting this week.

South Gloucestershire Council’s Planning, Transport & Strategic Environment (PTSE) Committee, meeting in Kingswood on Wednesday, will consider three objections to the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) that was advertised between 20th November and 13th December last year, along with one letter of support and another that asks for formal crossing points to be introduced as part of the scheme.

The Council is proposing to install a series of six raised tables, five of which replace priority narrowings, with a sixth positioned close to Giffard House.

The scheme was drawn up after some local residents complained that the existing priority narrowings encourage aggressive driving. The Council also claims the raised tables will be “less onerous to buses”, which has allowed it to secure funding of £150k from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

An earlier public consultation on a package of proposed traffic calming measures in Little Stoke Lane was held from 30th July to 31st August 2012. Other aspects of the scheme include amendments to the school entrance markings for Little Stoke Primary School and the introduction of a 20mph zone covering Maple Close and a length of Little Stoke Lane either side of the Maple Close junction.

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