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Yarn bombers working on Poppy Day surprise

Posted on Tuesday 7th November 2017 at 9:47 pm by Laura Mortimore

St Mike's Yarn Bombers poppy workshop.

The St Mike’s Yarn Bombers (SMYB) are back! Having spent the last few months busily knitting and crocheting, they are planning a big surprise for Remembrance Day!

After recent successful yarn bombings, including three local primary schools and ‘Missing Sheep’ at the St Michael’s church weekend, the group are working on something new: The Poppy Project. Members of the SMYB began knitting and crocheting different poppy patterns back in August, to create as many poppies as possible in readiness for their display.

The SMYB was founded in February 2016 by Kia Harris and Debbie Bambridge who describe the yarn bombers as “a group of like-minded crochet and knitting lovers who want to spread a little woollen love around St Michael’s Church and the Stoke Gifford community”. When their bright and colourful displays appear overnight, they bring to Stoke Gifford a sense of joy, and a smile to people’s faces as they walk through the village.

Remembrance poppies made by the St Mike's Yarn Bombers.

The current project has attracted many new members, with the group now having 10 to 15 people working on their poppies. Currently, the knitters are expecting to have hundreds of poppies, made using different knit and crochet patterns in different shades of red, to create their spectacular display which will be appearing on The Green outside the St Michael’s Centre sometime in the week commencing 5th November. This is in preparation for the Stoke Gifford Remembrance Day service which takes place on The Green on Sunday 12th November. The area will be decorated with the poppies for approximately two weeks allowing time for members of the local community to enjoy the exhibition.

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Yarn-bombed Christmas tree to double as blankets for homeless

Posted on Saturday 24th December 2016 at 11:29 am by SH (Editor)

Members of the St Mike’s Yarn Bombers (SMYB) with their Christmas tree (l-r): Debbie Bambridge, Emily Preston, Kia Harris, Sara Clothier and Zoe Garde-Evans.

Knitters from St Michael’s Church in Stoke Gifford have not only created their own Christmas tree from yarn – but when the decorations come down they plan to recycle it into blankets for local homeless charities.

Over 800 woolly green squares have been knitted or crocheted and then stacked into a six-foot tall Christmas tree by the St Mike’s Yarn Bombers (SMYB).

Christmas tree created by the St Mike's Yarn Bombers (SMYB) of Stoke Gifford, Bristol.

Whilst thousands of real Christmas trees are recycled into compost – the knitted tree will be dismantled and sewn into at least ten woolly blankets for two Bristol charities supporting homeless people.

The yarn bombing group has been delighting local people with surprise displays and decorations at community events in Stoke Gifford since early 2016 (see previous Journal article here). But when they launched the Christmas tree project they were joined by around a hundred other knitters across Bristol and beyond. Church members, craft groups, family, friends and children produced squares. They were even sent three green squares from a knitter in Washington DC in the United States.

A total of 848 different green squares have been stacked into to the woolly Christmas tree. Of these, 816 have been knitted or crocheted and 32 are made of felt and were decorated by children at the Messy Church which meets once a month at St Michael’s.

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Yarn bombers bring cheer to church and local community

Posted on Friday 9th September 2016 at 9:31 pm by Nikki Hallur

Yarn bombing on the gate leading to Parkway Station by St Mike's Yarn Bombers (SMYB).

Knitting and crocheting enthusiasts from in and around Stoke Gifford have created an exciting local group called the Yarn Bombers. It all started in the Old School Rooms near St Michael’s Church, when local resident, Kia Harris, mentioned the idea of ‘yarn bombing’ the building. A group of friends got together to make creative designs based on a particular theme and decorated the space with their artwork.

One of the group members, Debbie Bambridge, spoke to us about the group. “We describe ourselves as a group of like-minded crochet and knitting lovers who want to spread a little woollen love around St Michael’s Church and the Stoke Gifford community,” said Debbie. “We currently have nine people who are actively knitting or crocheting and more who are interested in getting involved.”

Debbie added: “It’s amazing what a variety of people we have in our group. All ages from 20s to retired, all abilities from beginner to those who write their own patterns, and each contributing what they can to each project. Being part of this group has been a brilliant way to build community as well as a great way to learn new skills and share creative ideas.”

The group goes under the name St Mike’s Yarn Bombers (SMYB) and the SMYB label is used on everything they make.

So far the group has done four ‘yarn bombs’, each one different, and each one bigger than the last. February’s theme was love, and three of the members made hearts in different shades of pink and red to decorate the pillars, gate and railings around the Coffee Shop at the Old School Rooms. In May half term, the group put up flowers, butterflies, bees and ladybirds all around the outside of the Coffee Shop and new St Michael’s Centre, and even on the gate by Parkway Station for the commuters.

Each time, the Yarn Bombers have put labels up with the crafted items, with Bible verses on a theme. They want to bless the community in any way they can, and “inspire people with the love of God, as much as with the beauty of the things they’ve created.”

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