November/December 2020.

The Stoke Gifford Journal community news magazine is delivered NEAR-MONTHLY* to 5,000 homes in Stoke Gifford (postcode BS34), a neighbourhood within the northern fringe of Bristol.

* Nine issues per year; no magazine published in May, August or December.

A further 200 copies of the magazine are placed at public locations across the area,  including community centres, schools, doctors’ surgeries, dental surgeries, pubs and takeaways.

The magazine is printed in full-colour on high quality uncoated paper in quarterfold page format (200mm W x 270mm H), which is 73% larger (by area) than DIN A5.

Monthly print run: 5,200 copies

* The magazine is usually placed online by the Thursday following distribution.

Map showing the distribution area of the Stoke Gifford Journal magazine (along with that of its sister publication the Bradley Stoke Journal magazine):

Leaflet delivery: We can insert your leaflet inside the magazine

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We are also keen to hear from local companies who have newsworthy stories for our business pages.

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To ensure we can reproduce photographs at a good size and in the highest possible quality, please send all images as standalone digital files in the highest available resolution (i.e. as they came out of the camera), uncropped and unedited. Please provide a caption for each photo.

If you have large number of files to send, or the photo files exceed 15MB in total, please split them across several emails or use a cloud transfer service such as (the ‘basic’ service is fine; no need to sign up for ‘plus’ service).

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Next issues

As a result of a temporary downturn in advertiser demand resulting from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have reluctantly decided to postpone the first magazine issue of 2021 until March.

The deadlines for our March 2021 issue are:

  • Advertising artwork: Friday 12th February
  • Editorial copy: Monday 15th February

Our March 2021 issue will be distributed between 26th February and 1st March.

Our April 2021 issue will be distributed between 26th March and 29th March.

N.B. All dates are subject to change due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Additional copies

The main locations from which additional copies of our magazine can be picked up are:

  • Ratcliffe Drive post office, Stoke Gifford
  • Little Stoke Community Hall
  • Co-operative food store, Cheswick Village

Previous front covers

November/December 2020. October 2020 issue of the Stoke Gifford Journal news magazine. September 2020 issue of the Stoke Gifford Journal news magazine. July/August 2020 issue of the Stoke Gifford Journal news magazine. March 2020 issue of the Stoke Gifford Journal news magazine. February 2020.

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