The Journal is the premier news photography website in Stoke Gifford and Little Stoke. Since the foundation of this website in early 2012 we have published literally thousands of images covering news and events in our area.

Our photos were originally uploaded to Google PicasaWeb, which has since transitioned to Google Photos (see below). For completeness, we also put a small selection of shots on Flickr!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to send a photographer along to your community/business event in Stoke Gifford or Little Stoke.

Stoke Gifford and Little Stoke latest news.

Recent Photos from the Stoke Gifford Journal

Photo of a bus approaching a stop at Bristol Parkway Station.
The first-ever scheduled journey on the new M4 MetroBus route (Cribbs Causeway direction) arrives at Bristol Parkway Station at 09:20 on Sunday 22nd January 2023.

Shared photo albums

Take a look at our shared albums on Google Photos:

Note: We have thousands of other photos from 2008 onwards that were previously uploaded to Google Picasa but have not yet been publicly shared since the transition to Google Photos. If there are any photos you are particularly interested in, please get in touch.

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