Brooklands Community Centre

CGI of a proposed community building.
Visualisation of the proposed Brooklands Park Community Centre, Harry Stoke (Stoke Gifford). View from north-east.

Construction of the Brooklands Community Centre, within the Brooklands Park / Brook Park housing development at Harry Stoke, is expected to begin in July 2022, with an anticipated completion date of April 2023.

The new community centre will also serve the adjoining area of Highbrook Park, this also being part of the wider ‘Land at Harry Stoke’ zone allocated for development in South Gloucestershire Council’s Core Strategy (adopted in 2013).

Stoke Gifford Parish Council is currently in negotiations with South Gloucestershire Council about taking over the management of the centre for an initial period of three years.

It is expected that financial support towards running costs of the centre will be provided by South Gloucestershire Council and Sovereign Housing Association.


Location map.
Approximate location (marked with an ‘X’) of the proposed Brooklands Community Centre in Harry Stoke (Stoke Gifford).

Planning applications

Application reference: P22/02787/NMA

Non material amendments to permission P20/10213/RVC (formerly PT17/5810/RM) to alter the community building.

Land At Harry Stoke Harry Stoke Road Stoke Gifford Bristol South Gloucestershire BS34 8QQ.

Application received 16th May 2022; approved 28th July 2022.

Public engagement

Public meeting (Jul 2024)

Promotional poster.

Dear Stoke Gifford Parish Council parishioners,

You are invited to attend an urgent residents’ meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 2nd July 2024 at Little Stoke Community Centre, Stoke Lane, Little Stoke Park.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the Parish Council’s proposal to fund the management of the new Brooklands Community Centre.

The Brooklands Community Centre will need to be subsidised by the Stoke Gifford Parish Council as it is forecast to make a substantial loss.  This loss will result in increases to the Council Tax for all Stoke Gifford parishioners.

Stoke Gifford parish includes: Stoke Gifford, Little Stoke, Harry Stoke and the new Brooklands Park housing development.

Ernest Brown

Editor’s note: Ernie Brown is a former parish and district councillor who was involved in negotiations surrounding the new Brooklands Community Centre in his role as a councillor prior to the May 2023 local elections.

Information session (Jun 2022)

Promotional poster.

If you would like to hear more about the Brooklands Community Centre plans and/or offer some of your time, expertise or simply register your interest in possibly using this new facility, we are holding a public information session on Wednesday 29th June 2022 from 4pm until 7pm at the Trust Hall, Trust Ground, North Road, Stoke Gifford, BS34 8PE.

We invite all residents to come along and discuss the details with parish councillors and register their interest in participating in the running of this new building.

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Financial matters

March 2023

The following recommendation is to be put to a meeting of South Gloucestershire Council’s Cabinet on 13th March 2023:

“Approve an allocation of up to £60,000 from the Support for New Community Facilities budget in 2023/24 for the Stoke Gifford Trust Committee to support the new Brooklands Park Community Centre, and to allow the finalisation of negotiations with the group as soon as possible.”

February 2023

South Gloucestershire Council’s Investment Programme, approved on 15th February 2023 as part of its 2023/24 budget, allocates £60,000 in the financial year 2023/24 for:

“A one-off sum to assist a new Community Interest Organisation to set up and run the Brooklands Park Community Centre.”

July 2022

From the minutes of a meeting of Stoke Gifford Parish Council held on 14th June 2022:

A budget of £60,000 has been identified to support the building in the first years of operation. South Gloucestershire Council is committed to supporting Stoke Gifford Parish Council in operation of the building for the first three years of operation, subject to agreeing a monitoring system for costs and income between the parties.


Operational matters

May 2024

From the minutes of a meeting of Stoke Gifford Parish Council on 14th May 2024:

Public session

A local resident and ex-Councillor Ernie Brown remains concerned with the Brooklands Park discussions and believes it would be a financial risk to the parish council taking over the management of the proposed new community hall, similarly to when the project was last looked at by council in 2022.

The Parish Clerk has not heard back from Winterbourne parish council following a request to assist with funding support, but Stoke Park & Cheswick remain keen to see if they can be involved in some capacity going forward.

The Chair, Councillor Dave Addison informed the resident that all members remain cautious, and we continue to negotiate with South Glos Council ensuring there are no financial risks to the parish council before agreeing to proceed to the next stage.

SGC contact (Grainne Stables) will be making contact with SGPC in due course and will hope to attend the Full Council meeting in June.

Update on Brooklands Community Hall

Crest Nicholson has recently sent out a presentation pack that included information (and diagram) of the proposed Brooklands Community Hall and also a temporary community hub on land at East of Harry Stoke. Questions were asked from members on the difference between the buildings as one is stated to be a temporary structure. Councillor Dave Addison confirmed the Brooklands Community Hall is due to start construction in June 2024 and take circa 12 months to completion, and the temporary community hub is a separate structure East of Harry Stoke.

Councillor Mike Brown mentioned this project has been discussed by council for a couple of years now and believes SGPC should decline the takeover of the management of the building/ site and look at parish support through other means like funding support / grant aid or earmarked reserves. Councillor Mike Brown formally proposed SGPC contact SGC and decline the offer to take over the management of Brooklands Hall due to the financial risks, seconded by Councillor Keith Cranney, a vote was taken, 2 for 8 against proposal rejected.

The Chair, Councillor Dave Addison informed members that whilst we are still in the negotiating stages with SGC it makes sense to wait for their formal final response to be taken to Full Council in June for members to then make a formal final decision. Members agree that should the financial risk be too high SGPC will not take on the building but negotiating time will be given for SGC to formally respond to SGPC.

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April 2024

From the minutes of a meeting of Stoke Gifford Parish Council on 9th April 2024:

Update on Brooklands Community Hall

Following the last committee meeting the Clerk contacted neighbouring parishes Winterbourne and Stoke Park & Cheswick to see if they would be interested in supporting the Business Case in any way possible, due to the Community Hall also potentially being an asset to the wider parishioners. 40% of the Brooklands estate belongs to Winterbourne. The Clerks of both councils will pass to members for discussion and feed back to SGPC.

A meeting has been set up with the working group on Monday 15th April to meet Grainne Stables and Jennifer Kirk, to go through the Heads of Terms and the Lease agreement changes made by SGPC.

Members will continue working with SGC and hope to be able to update at the May Full Council. Members can see the positives with the parish taking over the management of the Community Hall giving the parish a community building facility near the southern end. The parish would then have two buildings and major assets in the parish serving the parish.

Members can see it will be a financial risk and the thorough Business Case projects the building will start to make money at year 4.

Councillors continue to negotiate hard with SGC and unless they make the requested amends to the Heads of Terms and Lease agreement, SGPC will not take on the Community Hall and hope a Charitable Trust can take over the building ensuring that part of the parish is served by the facility, but not to the financial risk of the Parish council.

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March 2024

From the minutes of a meeting of Stoke Gifford Parish Council’s Finance & General Purpose Committee on 12th March 2024:

Update from the Brooklands Community Hall project

Members asked the Clerk to contact Winterbourne Parish Council to see if they will assist with funding for the proposed Brooklands Community Hall as 40% of the new development falls within the Winterbourne parish. Cheswick Village and Stoke Park should also be contacted.

Members of the public and Parish Councillors continue to have queries on the financial aspect of taking on the Community Hall and are in no rush to make a decision. The Parish Council Business Case show a deficit of approx. £88k and SGC have offered £60k towards the project and the parish will continue to negotiate to reduce the risk on the Parish Councils finances before making a decision.

Councillors hope to ask the Clerk to send the amended Draft Heads of Terms and Lease Agreement to SGC by the end of the month.

Members feel that once SGPC have received feedback from SGC then information could be shared and thoughts received from local residents. The Parish can use the Community Hall to host a Brooklands Community Hall workshop engaging with local residents.

Following correspondence between Members and SGC, Councillor Dave Addison proposed to defer a decision to Full Council in April, seconded by Councillor Penny Richardson, a vote was taken, 9 for, 1 abstention, 1 against, proposal carried.

The Clerk will liaise with Grainne Stables (SGC) and ask Grainne to attend the meeting in April.

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November 2023

From the minutes of a meeting of Stoke Gifford Parish Council on 14th November 2023:

Update on Brooklands Community Hall

Councillor Neel Das Gupta has been in contact with many residents who would like to see the community hall built and managed as soon as possible creating a community hub in the area.

In 2021, due to the uncertainty of the funding received from South Glos Council, the number of homes built and occupancies within the development on the original due opening date the Parish pulled out of the project on financial grounds.

A working group of Councillors have been liaising with SGC on the Business Case created by members in 2020/21, when the Parish were looking into the running of the site and have identified many areas that need updating in order for this to be revisited.

  • The benefits of PV Solar panels and heat pump
  • The support and agreement from SGC on the running of the project
  • The figures produced within the Business Plan including rates for the caretaking, cleaning, security & Bookings Co-Ordinator
  • Income proposed generated for Hall

It was mentioned the area earmarked for a School (and grounds) may no longer be in the plans of the Developer. This would create some much needed ‘community space’ the Parish Council could explore as an extension to the running and management of the Community Hall. This could be used to include additional parking, storage sports fields and green space.

Councillor Mike Brown shared some concerns on the Parish taking over the management of Brooklands Community Hall on the same financial grounds as 2021 and feels the project would still be too high an outlay.

It was also mentioned Councillor Mike Brown feels that if members revisit the project the footprint of the proposed building should be extended to be made bigger, and to include storage, and extended car park and a MUGA sports facility.

Following discussion, Councillor Keiron Marsden proposed that due to the public interest and the need for the Parish to have a facility towards the southern end of the Parish, a sub committee liaise with key stakeholders (SGC Crest & Sovereign) and reopen negotiations on Stoke Gifford Parish Council taking on the management and Business Case for the Brooklands Community Hall, seconded by Councillor Penny Richardson, unanimously carried.

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October 2023

From the minutes of a meeting of Stoke Gifford Parish Council on 10th October 2023:

Update on Brooklands Community Hall

Cllr Neel Das Gupta informed members there is no current update and asked the clerk to form a small working group between councillors so they can meet ad-hoc to look into the possibilities for the running of the Brooklands Community Hall.

March 2023

It has been revealed that the Stoke Gifford Trust Committee has expressed an interest in running the new community centre.

July 2022

Stoke Gifford Parish Council has pulled out of negotiations to run the planned community centre. The parish council had been asking South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) to underwrite a potential business case deficit of £150,000 over the first three years, which SGC was unable to support. Read more…


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