Visibility screens installed at roundabout

Posted on Monday 7th October 2019 at 6:35 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of a visibility screen in the central reservation of the B4057 Winterbourne Road.

If you’ve noticed these green boards recently appear at the Winterbourne Road / Hatchet Road roundabout and wondered what they’re for, here’s an explanation from South Gloucestershire Council, reproduced from a notice displayed on parish council noticeboards around Stoke Gifford.


Collision records show that there is an issue with vehicles on the B4057 over-running give way lines at Hatchet Road roundabout and colliding with vehicles on the circulatory carriageway.

Funding has been prioritised to address this issue by providing visibility screens on the B4057 approaches, to reduce vehicle approach speeds.

Purpose of the scheme

The purpose of the scheme is to reduce the number of collisions occurring, by reducing vehicle speeds on the B4057 approaches. Currently, the very good visibility on the approach to the roundabout means that drivers can make a very early decision as to whether to enter the roundabout or not; consequently, these drivers do not reduce speed significantly, and some misjudge their entry leading to a collision. The provision of screens which reduce forward visibility forces drivers to slow down and wait until they approach the give way line, where they regain visibility, to make a decision on whether to enter the roundabout or not. Such installations have been successful in reducing collisions at similar sites (including A4174 Wraxall Road, in South Gloucestershire).

Proposed scheme

It is proposed to introduce visibility screens on both B4057 approaches to the roundabout. The screens will be dark green in colour and approximately 1.8 metres in height.

Photo: Visibility screen now installed in the central reservation of the B4057 Winterbourne Road on the westbound approach to the Hatchet Road roundabout.

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One Response to “Visibility screens installed at roundabout”

  1. Lee-anne Collins Says:

    It’s one thing forcing the already slow traffic to go even slower, but WHAT AN EYESORE! They could have planted some trees or something to actually make it worthwhile! Ridiculousl.

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