Candidate Profiles

Central ward (9 seats)

David Addison (Labour)

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Tom Aditya (Conservative)

I am a passionate community-campaigner who advocates for social-harmony and holistic community-development. I have been a people’s representative for many years, and was effective in bringing more transparency and accountability in administration. My approach has always been to bring excellent amenities to residents, deliver better-quality-services, for lower-taxes, value-for-money, good-governance and fairness-to-all. I serve as Chairman of Bristol-Multi-Faith-Forum, which promotes intercultural-cohesion and wellbeing of communities; and leads the NHS-Blood-and-Organ-Donation- campaign in West-of-England. I also serve as Vice-Chairman of the Community-Engagement-Forum, South-Glos-Equalities-Forum and the Avon-and-Somerset-Police- Advisory-Panel.

I was successful in bringing new public-transport-links for the neighbourhood and as part of the faster-broadband-campaign. I have been in the forefront to call the attention of the police against burglaries and anti-social activities and was fruitful in finding solutions to fight it. I am involved in youth activities and in projects that reduce loneliness of the elderly. I always helped the community groups in their activities and supported to give council grants to local community groups. I urge for better-school-funding.

Our aim is to make Stoke Gifford a better place to live and the community to have a stronger voice. Please vote for Local Conservatives for better governance and lower taxes.

Brian Allinson (Conservative)

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Ernest Brown (Conservative)

I have served twenty-two years in the Royal Navy, followed by twenty years at Airbus. I have lived in Stoke Gifford for thirty-five years and have been Chairman of the Parish Council for the last seven years. My one aim is to make sure residents are heard at District level and given good value for money. If elected I will continue to ensure our voice is heard and carry on making improvements to our green and open spaces, preserve and protect them, as well as maintaining them for use by all.  

In my capacity of Chair of the Parish Council, I have overseen good fiscal management and ensured the Parish Council Precept has been kept to less than the benchmark of 2% and in the past often at zero, yet still improving and keeping the area to a high and well-maintained standard.

Parking remains a major concern throughout the Parish and has become a daily nuisance. With the forthcoming road closure on Gipsy Patch Lane a more pragmatic approach to parking is now vital.  I will continue to meet with South Gloucestershire & Parkway representatives to ensure the matter is given priority and resolved.

Mike Brown (Conservative)

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David Brunwin (Labour)

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Janet Brunwin (Labour)

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Tom Bulkeley (Labour)

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Keith Cranney (Conservative)

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Fabrizio Fazzino (Labour)

I moved from Italy to Bradley Stoke in 2010, living in Ormonds Close first and then in Ellicks Close. As an electronics engineer, I worked for a few years on the Aztec West Business Park, experiencing all the traffic caused at rush hour by the continuous roadworks; then I moved to a new job in the city centre and after driving into town for a couple of years I eventually switched to using public transport to try and see for myself if the Metrobus scheme really works as promised.

I joined the Labour Party several years ago and then more recently the Co-operative Party, which unfortunately is not very well known to most (in short: it encourages people to co-operate and to work in co-operatives, which are businesses owned and run by their customers and staff).

I share my young daughter’s subscription to the Fabian Society, although I’m not bright enough to understand all the philosophical discussions. She attends BSCS (the Bradley Stoke Community School), while my younger son attends Bowsland Green Primary School. Despite their age they have both been helping me deliver hundreds of leaflets since 2015.

I feel very strongly and campaign for better funding for the NHS and education.

Natalie Field (Labour)

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David Francetti (Free weekly 5k park based run)

Back in April 2016, Stoke Gifford Parish Council voted to charge a fee for taking part in Little Stoke parkrun.  As parkruns are (and will always be) free, this decision effectively cancelled this event and withdrew our access to the health, social and mental benefits that this community gathering offered.

Little Stoke parkrun was an inclusive weekly gathering of friends that enjoyed (or maybe did not but did it anyway) a run together and shared in each other’s achievements (couch-to-5k groups, PBs, training for other events, touring visitors and even baking skills when they achieved a milestone). Our community was not asked the question whether our run should continue or not. I, for one, dearly want our community event reinstated; it Matters.

Voting on 2 May presents an opportunity for our Stoke Gifford community to indicate their wish to reinstate Little Stoke parkrun and vote for a “Free Weekly 5k park-based run”.

Please vote for this if you live within the parish of Stoke Gifford Central (i.e. your polling card states “SGC” followed by a number) and you wish to see Little Stoke parkrun reinstated.

Fred Hillberg (UKIP Make Brexit Happen)

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Jenny James (Labour)

Jenny is a local resident, who you might recognise from your trips to a local charity shop where she is a volunteer. Jenny is also involved in other local groups including as co-ordinator of 2 local Neighbourhood Watch schemes, founder of the popular Friends of Meade Park group and of the newly established Friends of Stoke Gifford Play Parks group. Jenny is always looking for ways to make a difference in the community and is a regular volunteer for environmental groups such as Bradley Stoke in Bloom and Friends of Forty Acres as well as being a church warden and helper at the MS Centre in Bradley Stoke.

Matt Lavis (Conservative)

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David Pembury (Conservative)

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Pauline Reich (Conservative)

Pauline moved to Stoke Gifford 34 years ago to run the Parkway Tavern (now Co-Op) and she has lived here ever since. Following her term as landlady of the Tavern Pauline worked for the NHS for over 20 years and since retiring enjoys many voluntary roles including working with the elderly and adults with physical and learning difficulties. Pauline is passionate about the local community and environment and does her upmost to keep Stoke Gifford a great place to live.

Andrew Shore (Conservative)

I’ve lived in Harry Stoke, Stoke Gifford all my life and attended school in the Parish. Married, I work in the telecommunications industry, commute into Bristol by bus, use trains from Parkway and drive.

In January I met with the Managing Director of FirstBus, raising concerns about the local bus services. A good public transport service is essential to ease traffic congestion, I will continue pressing the operators and authorities for improvements to the bus services. Cars, however, still have a role to play and I recognise residents parking is a major issue that needs urgent attention.

I understand the need for new houses but the infrastructure needs to be right; eg. Doctors surgeries, extra schools, green spaces and areas for children to play. To achieve the best possible development, respecting the environment and heritage of the area, I continue to press the South Gloucestershire planning department and the developers for changes in the plans for 760 houses at Harry Stoke.

My aim is to make Stoke Gifford a better place to live and our community to have a stronger voice, fully represented at the Parish Council and with people’s local views and interests taken on-board by the relevant authorities.

University ward (3 seats)

David Beesley (Conservative)

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Carole Greenland (Labour)

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Trevor Jones (Conservative)

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Dayley Lawrence (Labour)

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George Maggs (Conservative)

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Simon Waters (Labour)

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