MP congratulates Scouts on Diamond Jubilee achievement

Jack Lopresti MP with Eirean Peacock of 1st Little Stoke Scouts.

1st Little Stoke Scouts are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and invited local MP Jack Lopresti to help them celebrate.

Mr Lopresti’s visit took place during a week in which Scouts across the country are undertaking voluntary work in their local area.

The well-known ‘Bob-a-Job Week’ of old was re-launched as ‘Scout Community Week’ this year after a seventeen year break and Scouts in Filton and Bradley Stoke will be taking part.

Scout Community Week (14th – 20th May) will see Scouts from across the UK taking part in an array of tasks and projects to make a positive impact on the lives of local people. The Scout Association wants your help in bringing these benefits to our community.

Mr Lopresti said:

“Scout Community Week is taking place this week across the UK and I am proud to support it, particularly as scout groups in the Filton and Bradley Stoke area are heavily involved. Organisations such as the Scouts play an important role in our communities and do wonderful work with so many young people. I was lucky enough to visit the Avon Scouts Annual General Meeting last year and saw firsthand the positive impact Scouts have on our local area.”

“On Tuesday evening, I visited the 1st Little Stoke Scouts to help them celebrate their 60th anniversary. I was lucky enough to be made an honorary Scout and I will be upholding the Scouts Code! Anyone can get involved in the Scout Community Week and I encourage anyone so minded to have a look on the Scouts website.”

Source: Press release from the office of Jack Loprest MP

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