Ancient Olympics celebrated at Little Stoke Primary School

The Ancient Olympics are celebrated at Little Stoke Primary School.

Great fun was had at Little Stoke Primary School on Wednesday 30th May when all the pupils and staff dressed up in chitons to celebrate an ancient Greek Olympic day.

The children learnt about the history of the Games and after a morning of creative activities they all took part in an Olympic Games in the afternoon. There was friendly rivalry between city-states and, to complete the perfect day, they sampled traditional Greek food and drink.

The organiser, teacher Jenny Ratcliffe, said the day had been highly successful and the children all went home as true Olympians crowned with olive wreaths.

Footnote: A chiton is a gown or tunic, with or without sleeves, worn by both sexes in ancient Greece.

In related news, the London 2012 Olympic Torch visited North Bristol on Wednesday 23rd May, on day 5 of its 70-day tour around the United Kingdom. The Filton Journal has some great photos of the event: Thousands turn out to greet Olympic Torch Relay in Filton

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