Chance to view latest plans for Stoke Gifford By-Pass

Stoke Gifford Transport Link (Stoke Gifford By-Pass).

Residents have a chance to view the latest plans for the proposed Stoke Gifford By-Pass at a consultation exhibition being held today (Tuesday 29th May) at Bristol Parkway Station from 3pm to 7pm.

The exhibition will present the latest information on the proposed North Fringe to Hengrove Package bus rapid transit scheme, which will connect key employment hubs like Cribbs Causeway, Aztec West, the Science Park at Emersons Green and Bristol City Centre with key residential areas in the north and south of the city, such as Bradley Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Emersons Green, Bedminster, Knowle West and Hengrove.

The £102m scheme, funded jointly by the Government, Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council (SGC), includes the construction of a long-awaited Stoke Gifford By-Pass (officially known as the Stoke Gifford Transport Link) running from Parkway North to the A4174 Avon Ring Road at Harry Stoke.

The proposals for the by-pass include:

  • One general traffic lane in each direction with bus lanes on the approaches to junctions
  • Two bridges; one over the Bristol to London railway line and the other over the Ham Brook
  • A new, separate, shared use foot/cycleway along the full length of the Stoke Gifford Transport Link on the western side of the road
  • New bus stops and shelters with real time information
  • Landscaping along the route
  • Some Public Rights of Way (PROW) diversions
  • A signal-controlled junction with Hambrook Lane

The by-pass will also provide vehicular access into a new development of 1,200 dwellings at Harry Stoke (the Harry Stoke New Neighbourhood) and, subject to final approval of SGC’s Core Strategy, a new development of 2,000 dwellings tentatively named the East of Harry Stoke New Neighbourhood.

There will be two further opportunities to view the exhibition material at venues in the local area:

  • Thursday 31st May (3pm to 7pm) at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke
  • Wednesday 13th June (12pm to 7pm) at the Old School Rooms, Stoke Gifford

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Rapid transit bus, as proposed for the North Fringe to Hengrove Package.

Photo: Rapid transit bus, as proposed for the North Fringe to Hengrove Package.

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  1. I firmly believe that North Fringe Stoke Gifford By-pass is a well conceived project -However delivery of this construction is not due until 2017

    I believe that far more use should be made of Community Infrastructure Levy funds to assist with the timline of this project

    We the residents of Stoke Gifford have suffered and are in the process of suffering more congestion and parking issues than any other area within SGC.

    Commuters to this area are still increasing.

    All the below have occurred at Stoke Gifford within the last 15 years or about to shortly…..

    1. The High Speed Electrified Train depot and the doubling of passengers from the station.
    2. The increase in size of the DAF College
    3. The construction of the AXA
    4.. The construction of the WISE Campus
    5. The increase in the students attending the WISE (now SGS) Campus
    6. The construction of the NBED
    7. The construction of the proposed UTC
    8. The construction of the New Road MoD
    9. The construction of the Abbeywood MoD
    10. The construction of the Abbeywood ASDA
    11. The construction of the proposed Rovers 21,700 seat Stadium and associated shops, gym etc.

    The Community Infrastructure Levy fund could assist~

    A. Help the residents to egress and exit their homes as congestion is affecting quality of life – expedite the North Fringe SG Bypass.

    B. Control indiscriminate parking in residential roads- possibly with parking permits for residents at no cost- local consultation required.

  2. Sorry its not just stoke gifford that has had vast development all the local areas around have had it just as bad.

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