Councillor calls for action on Station Road footpath damaged by landslip

Cllr Keith Cranney beside a landslip on Station Road, Little Stoke.

A local South Gloucestershire councillor says residents have waited far too long for repairs to be carried out on Station Road, Little Stoke, after a landslip carried a stretch of the main footpath into the adjacent brook.

The footpath, which provides an important thoroughfare for pedestrians, has now been out of use for more than two years.

The repair requires a complex ‘bored-pile’ wall to be put in place, which requires specialist equipment that the council does not have at its disposal, and so must look to private providers for the repairs to be undertaken, but ongoing attempts to do this have been met with difficulty.

Cllr Keith Cranney (Conservative, Stoke Gifford) said:

“This road has been a danger for far too long now. Acts of nature can happen and they do cause significant damage, but this slippage could mean life or death to someone as a result of the repair not being completed satisfactorily.”

“This road is used by many pedestrians every day who have to access Patchway Station, nearby local schools and businesses that are situated on Station Road.”

“I know of at least one blind and visually impaired gentleman who makes his way down there regularly and it’s not good enough that he should be put at risk simply because repairs have not yet been done.”

Local Conservatives say they have been and are continuing to campaign for this road and pedestrian footpath to be fixed as a matter of priority.

Source: Press release from the Conservative Group on South Gloucestershire Council.

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  1. I think something needs to be done about the parking along that road it’s dangerous at times with the cars parking there needs to be Double yellow lines all along that bit of road by the Station

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