Community events at the St Michael’s Centre deemed a huge success

Photo of Stuart Townend performing at the St Michael's Centre.

The St Michael’s Centre has been having a great autumn with a range of different events taking place for members of the Stoke Gifford community. In fact, the events are proving to be so popular that people from the whole of Bristol and beyond have been booking tickets.

It all started at the end of September with Stuart Townend, who is a top Christian singer/songwriter. Over 430 people from across the south west attended for a fantastic evening of music and song. This was followed a week later by the comedian/magician Steve Legg who was watched by over 150 people. He kept everyone entertained with his comedy and tricks and there was lots of help from the audience.

On 18th October there was an event from Care for the Family. Over 300 people gathered to hear advice on ‘Parenting in the Digital Age’. This is such an important issue in today’s society and everyone left having gained valuable skills on using social media and devices effectively with their children.

Then, at the end of October, the St Michael’s Centre welcomed Riding Lights Theatre group who took the audience through a whistle stop tour of the Bible in their own unique style!

After the success of the first few events, Andy Mead, events manager at St Michael’s, said:

“We are extremely pleased with how successful the events at St Michael’s have been. The number of tickets sold has exceeded expectations and it is great to see the centre being used not just by the church but by the wider community as well. We are already thinking about plans for the new year and are excited for what the future may bring.”

As the planned events continued throughout November, the St Michael’s Centre played host to internationally acclaimed magician John Archer, who was the first man to Fool Penn & Teller in their TV show ‘Fool Us’, winning a trip to Las Vegas to perform with them. 190 people went to watch the man who Dynamo describes as: “Someone who will blow your mind. He is the funniest man I know. Seeing him perform is guaranteed to be one of the best experiences of your life!” A week later Patrick Regan hosted an event, talking about ‘It’s OK to not be OK’ and the importance of not suffering in silence but to be honest about how you feel. Again a very important issue facing many people today.

This season’s events will finish on Saturday 15th December with St Michael’s Comedians and Carols event. This will be hosted by comedian Paul Kerensa (who co-wrote the TV series ‘Miranda’ and ‘Not Going Out’) and will also include Steven Cookson, Steve Price and Dominic Holland, with a few carols thrown in too. It promises to be a fantastic event to set everyone up ready for Christmas.

If you would like tickets or any more information about what is going on at St Michael’s, contact Andy on 0117 969 2486 or visit

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