Road closure blocks direct access to Little Stoke shops from Gipsy Patch Lane

Photo of an excavator on a closed road.
Day one of the Gifford Crescent closure (Monday 5th July).

The closure of the straight stretch of Gifford Crescent leading directly off Gipsy Patch Lane from Monday 5th July 2021 means that motorists travelling from the east are now required to follow a diversion in order to reach the Little Stoke shops and post office.

The road closure is the latest stage in the programme of work associated with the Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension (CPME) scheme, which has seen the Gipsy Patch Lane railway bridge replaced and a start made on creating new bus lanes along sections of Gipsy Patch Lane either side of the bridge.

The circulatory part of Gifford Crescent where the shops are located remains open and pedestrian/cyclist access from Gipsy Patch Lane is being maintained.

The signed diversion route for motorists is via Little Stoke Lane and Kingsway

The Stagecoach number 12 bus service is diverting via Little Stoke Lane and continues to serve all stops along Kingsway in both directions.

The closure is initially needed for the installation of highway drainage attenuation pipes in the adjacent triangular grass verge area to support the forthcoming highway widening works on Gipsy Patch Lane, and then it is needed for the westbound one-way system along Gipsy Patch Lane which is planned to be implemented this autumn.

Should the drainage works, which are estimated to last eight weeks, be completed earlier than anticipated, Gifford Crescent may be reopened in the interim.

The railway bridge remains closed to motorised traffic, but there is access under it for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists.

As previously reported, once the railway bridge is reopened to one-way (westbound) traffic in the autumn, all side roads leading onto Gipsy Patch Lane between Little Stoke Lane in the east and the Rolls-Royce mini-roundabout in the west will be closed.

Further updates on the progress of the CPME work on Gipsy Patch Lane, as provided by South Gloucestershire Council in early July, are reproduced in the sections below.

Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Care.

Tree pruning

The remaining trees on the north side of Gipsy Patch Lane to the east of the railway bridge are being retained. We are undertaking drainage works close to them and are taking the greatest care possible to avoid damaging them.

However, pruning of the trees is needed as they are overhanging the footpath and carriageway and could be struck by vehicles. The pruning will be undertaken by professional tree surgeons who will ensure that the long-term health of the trees is not damaged, and under the supervision of an ecologist.

The tree pruning is scheduled to begin in August and will last for approximately two weeks. Traffic management will be needed whilst the pruning is taking place.

To the west of the railway bridge, opposite Rolls-Royce, pruning of the remaining trees and the felling of one that is extending into the footpath is also planned to take place at the same time.

Utility diversion works

Photo of an excavation trench with barriers.
Water main diversion on the south side of Gipsy Patch Lane.

These are progressing well, with Western Power Distribution having completed their diversion and the current Bristol Water diversion near Smithcourt Drive and Bush Avenue being on schedule. You may have also noticed work taking place under the railway bridge. This is the relaying of a new water main and reinstating of utilities diversions.

Fence installation

Starting on Monday 12th July, a temporary wooden fence will be erected along the southern verge adjacent to Bush Avenue and Smithcourt Drive. This is to provide a visual screen of the works area for residents who will be closest to the road widening works on the south side of the highway and to provide some mitigation against noise and dust. It will be removed once the highway widening works are complete in 2022.


Materials storage

We are making every effort to store as much of the material needed for the Gipsy Patch Lane works in off-site compound locations away from the main works site. However, we now plan to store some material on the verge areas and on the closed carriageway sections of Gipsy Patch Lane because of ongoing national supply chain and haulage delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This will ensure we have the necessary materials ready for when we need them, to avoid programme delay.

Pegasus Park

From Monday 5th July we will be undertaking highway works at the turning circle next to the Pegasus Park access to the west of the railway bridge. Access to the business park will not be affected but there will be additional traffic management in place in that location.

Bridge work

Alun Griffiths programme of work at the railway bridge:

June/July 2021

  • Water main to be commissioned
  • Electrical cables to be diverted
  • BT Openreach and SGC communication ducts to be installed
  • Road gullies to be installed on northern side
  • Groundwater lowering scheme (fin drain) to be implemented on the north side
  • Anti-graffiti coating to structure

August 2021

  • North side carriageway construction
  • North side kerb installation
  • Street lighting
  • Pumping station preparation works, including procurement
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Key milestones

Key milestones from the project programme (June 2021):

  • One-way reopening for traffic under the bridge: Autumn 2021
  • Completion of roadworks at the bridge: December 2021
  • Completion of highway works east of the bridge: June 2022
  • Two-way reopening for traffic under the bridge: Late 2022
  • Completion of highway works west of the bridge: December 2022

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