Church steps up efforts to help people in the area struggling with rising costs

Photo of a church building.
Little Stoke Baptist Church, Kingsway, Little Stoke, Bristol.

Members of Little Stoke Baptist Church are so concerned that people on low incomes won’t be able to afford rising energy and other costs during the colder months, that they’re hosting a specific Sunday service to focus on how they, as a church congregation, can respond to the stark rise in poverty and provide support to local people.

Little Stoke Baptist Church minister, Rev. Tania Vaughan, said:

“An increasing number of people across the Stokes simply can’t afford their energy bills and all the other rocketing living costs. This is resulting in debt and desperation.”

“It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of rising prices and the debt we know it will cause to the most vulnerable in our society. But our faith enables us to have hope in a loving God who equips us with compassion and the determination to act.”

“We have connected with Christians Against Poverty (CAP), who work with  hundreds of churches across the UK in bringing practical help to those in debt, to run a special Sunday service.”

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The minister added:

“As a church, we have a heart to not only address people’s immediate needs, but also give them a sense of belonging.”

“We’re looking forward to hearing more about the work of CAP at our Sunday service and exploring how we can serve local people in debt and poverty in a practical and emotional way. The beauty of CAP is that it’s a Christian organisation but all of its services are free and offered to people of any faith or no faith.”


Little Stoke Baptist Church’s ‘CAP Sunday’ event is taking place on Sunday 6th November 2022 at 10.30am.

The church is located in Kingsway, Little Stoke, Bristol BS34 6JW [map].

Everyone is welcome to join the free service and hear about the services CAP offer.

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