Big improvement in Abbeywood School’s GCSE results

Star GCSE performer at Abbeywood Community School, Stoke Gifford.

All eyes have been on Year 11 at Abbeywood Community School since the school was judged to need ‘special measures’ by Ofsted when it inspected in December 2011.

The school is on a journey of rapid improvement as shown by another strong set of A-level results last week (100% A-E and 49% A*-B grades – the school’s best ever) and this week’s GCSE results provide a further indication of the progress.

Headline figures have jumped from last year with 78% of students achieving 5A*-C grades (previous best 58%) and 46% of students achieving 5A*-C grades including English and Maths (previous best 41%).

There were some amazing individual performances giving cause for celebration, the most notable of which were:

  • Simon Grose – 7A*s, 3As and 1C
  • Sam Badman – 2A*s, 6As, 2Bs and 1C
  • Rebecca Higgins – 3A*s, 5As, 2Bs and 1C
  • Scott Cousins – 1A*, 6As, 3Bs and 1C
  • Tiffani Seymour – 1A*, 4As and 5Bs
  • Najibah Qadar – 5As, 2Bs and 4Cs
  • Lukas Slavickas – 3A*s, 2As, 3Bs and 1C
  • Michelle Trotman – 2A*s, 2As, 1B and 1C
  • Grace Boothman – 2A*s, 2As, 5Bs and 2Cs
  • Alice Brown – 4As, 5Bs and 2Cs
  • Evelyn Kovari – 4As, 2Bs and 4Cs
  • Amy McQueen – 4As and 8Bs
  • Ashley Ross – 4A*s and 6Cs
  • Lucy Castree – 2A*s, 1A, 3Bs, 4Cs

Dave Baker, Executive Headteacher, said:

“The school is delighted on behalf of all its students who achieved or exceeded their targets.”

Mr Baker has special praise for Evelyn Kovari, who arrived not speaking English at the start of her GCSE courses:

“This is a remarkable achievement for her and thoroughly deserved.”

The rapid rate of improvement at the school looks set to continue with 56% of Year 10 having already achieved a grade A*-C in GCSE English Language before they start Year 11.

Photo: Abbeywood School top performers (L-R): Amy McQueen, Simon Grose, Grace Boothman, Evelyn Kovari, Scott Cousins, Lucy Castree and Sam Badman.

More photos on PicasaWeb.

Provisional analysis of GCSE results for South Gloucestershire indicates that:

  • 82% of students achieved 5+ A*-C overall
  • 57% of students achieved 5+ A*-C including English and Maths

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