Bins uncollected despite paying new charge

Green bin not emptied in Little Stoke.

Householders in Little Stoke have hit out after their green bins were left uncollected despite paying South Gloucestershire Council’s controversial new charge for the collection of garden waste, dubbed a “bin tax” by Conservative councillors who opposed its introduction.

Residents living in Silver Birch Close (off Braydon Avenue) are the latest to complain about the “chaos” of the council’s green bin charging policy after they failed to receive their scheduled green bin collections since the change kicked in on 31st March.

Carol Mason of Silver Birch Close in Little Stoke said:

“Our experience tells us that South Gloucestershire Council’s green bin charging policy is in chaos. Households are paying the £36 bin tax, but are still not having their bins collected as scheduled.”

Fellow Silver Birch Close resident Hilda Atkinson added:

“We should be receiving some form of compensation or refund for the fact that we are not receiving the service which we have paid for, but we won’t hold our breath. The council should have left the green bin collection service as it was, rather than introduce the chaos that it has.”

Stoke Gifford Councillor Keith Cranney (Conservative) said:

“It’s utterly unacceptable that, despite forking out for this punitive bin tax, residents have not had their green bin waste collected on either of the last two collection cycles as scheduled. It beggars belief that the council seems to be making it as difficult as possible for households to do the right thing and recycle their waste. This new ‘service’ is a complete shambles and households paying the bin tax are being ripped off.”

Photo (l-r): Carol Mason, Cllr Keith Cranney and Hilda Atkinson.

Source: Press release from the Conservative Group on South Gloucestershire Council.

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  1. Mine has been missed twice. Typical council service around here to be honest – inadequate in every respect.

  2. No problems with my collection in Patchway.

    I wonder if the people who have not had their bins collected have put their house number on the bin? It’s what is advised so that the crews can determine which bins are subscribed.

  3. Saw a green bin collection today in Bradley Stoke, but the bin men emptied a black bin and a green bin into the same truck??? Are they not recycling the green waste anymore!?

  4. people are forgetting to number their green bins
    how on earth do they think Sita knows who has paid and who hasn’t paid

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