Abbeywood A-level results show “slight dip”

A-level high-achievers at Abbeywood Community School (l-r): Nadia Restall, Amy McQueen and James Hampson.

Abbeywood Community School has seen a “slight dip” in headline A-level result figures compared with previous years (in line with what is being reported nationally), but has seen “huge” successes in BTEC and vocational outcomes in particular, says Executive Headteacher Dave Baker.

All students who were seeking places on higher education courses gained places and a number of others have secured apprenticeships with prestigious organisations. The average points score per entry was 187 (216 last year) and average total points score was 669 (728 last year).

Significant individual successes highlighted by Mr Baker are:

A2 examination results

  • James Hampson A*BB
  • Ryan Ivers ADist*Dist
  • Laura Barnett ABB
  • Nadia Restall ABB
  • Nhair Nunez Padron A*(EPQ)BC + B at AS
  • Amy McQueen ABD

AS examination results

  • Caya Baber ABBB
  • Hope Falconer AAB
  • Freya Restall ABBB
  • Levi Staynings Dist*Dist*CC

Across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the BBC reports that there has been a slight fall in A* and A grades and the pass rate is down for the first time in over 30 years.

Photo (l-r): A-level high-achievers Nadia Restall, Amy McQueen and James Hampson.

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