Parkrun vote sparks national media frenzy

A BBC reporter interviews a runner in Little Stoke Park on the morning of the cancelled parkrun on 16th April 2016.

A decision by Stoke Gifford Parish Council to insist on a financial contribution from the organisers of a popular free weekly run held in Little Stoke Park sparked a media frenzy last month, with the story featuring for several days in national newspapers and on TV news bulletins.

One of hundreds of similar events that take place around the country at 9am every Saturday morning, Little Stoke parkrun is a free-to-enter timed 5k run that is open to everyone and designed to be safe and easy to take part in.

In common with parkruns all around the country, the event is delivered entirely by local volunteers, with support from parkrun UK, a national not-for-profit organisation funded by sponsorship and grants.

The parish council originally decided to levy a charge of £1 per runner “to maintain park facilities in the future”, but this was never implemented and the demand later morphed into a requirement to make an (unspecified) financial contribution. It also suggested that parkrun could apply for a grant from a suitable body (such as South Gloucestershire Council) in order to provide a source for this contribution.

Local parkrun representatives said the organisation’s founding principles ruled out any compulsory charge being made on participants and forbade them from handling money, effectively ruling out a grant application.

Following a six month delay to allow a solution to be found, the parish council met on 12th April to make a decision on “the future of parkrun at Little Stoke Park”.

The prospect of the council becoming the first in the country to charge parkrun for use of a park attracted attention from the regional media and generated interest from around the country, fuelled by an online petition that had attracted 9,000 signatures by the time the meeting began.

After councillors decided, by six votes to four, to withdraw permission for the run after 28th May, should parkrun not apply for a grant, it quickly became a national story, attracting condemnation from sporting celebrities including Paula Radcliffe and Kelly Holmes.

The Little Stoke parkrun on the following Saturday was cancelled by the organisers, who feared a mass protest, however, around 25 runners ignored the plea and were greeted by a BBC TV crew which broadcast interviews with them on their Breakfast Show.

Meeting of Stoke Gifford Parish Council at which the future of parkrun in Little Stoke Park was discussed.

Photos: 1 A BBC reporter interviews a runner in Little Stoke Park on 16th April 2016. 2 Meeting of Stoke Gifford Parish Council on 12th April 2016.

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  1. May 2016 | Little Stoke Gifford Matters

    Stoke Gifford Parish Council announce over £600,000 in grants/funding for improvements to facilities in Little Stoke Park, including:

    New changing facilities £400,000
    New cafe/social area £100,000
    New groundskeeping machinery £30,000
    Investment in sports pitches £7,000
    Maintenance for pitches £7,500 and changing rooms £90,000

    “A recent site inspection confirmed that the ground grading criteria (step 7) of the Gloucestershire County Football League had been met at Little Stoke Park to provide County Standard Football in the Park from the 2016/17 Football Season.”

    2nd June 2016 | parkrun UK
    Closure of Little Stoke parkrun

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