Overnight piling work at Gipsy Patch Lane bridge delayed to 2nd December

Photo showing excavation of the embankment adjacent to the existing railway bridge.

South Gloucestershire Council has announced that overnight piling operations at the Gipsy Patch Lane railway bridge, originally due to start on 20th November, will now commence on Monday 2nd December.

This first phase of overnight piling work will last for four nights, from Monday 2nd December to Thursday 5th December, between 6pm and 3am.

There will be up to 18 nights of piling work, but these will not run consecutively and will be carried out in phases.

A council spokesperson said:

“Noise and vibration will be monitored throughout the work and we will make adjustments if necessary. We are working with Network Rail and their contractors to minimise the disruption and have put in place a number of noise mitigation measures such as sound barriers around the piling equipment.”

“Should you have an urgent enquiry during any of the piling work please call the Network Rail 24-hour helpline number on 03457 114141.”

The replacement railway bridge will weigh approximately 4,500 tonnes and will site on pile foundations to a depth of 25 metres. Piling is required at the four corners of the new structure.

Gipsy Patch Lane will remain open during the piling work. To enable the work, automated Stop/Go boards will be used as needed on Gipsy Patch Lane.  These will only be used when workers and machinery from the construction site need to safely cross Gipsy Patch Lane. Their use will be kept to a minimum and as far as possible will be kept to off-peak times.

All shops and businesses on and near Gipsy Patch Lane will be open as normal.

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