Marketing suite opens for first of 2,600+ new homes coming to the Stokes

Photo of construction activity at Brooklands Park, showing the soon-to-open marketing suite.

Housebuilding giant Crest Nicholson has announced that it will soon be opening a marketing suite at its new 763-home development at Brooklands Park in Harry Stoke.

The site will deliver the first batch of what will eventually amount to over 2,600 new homes on greenfield land at Harry Stoke and on both sides of the Stoke Gifford By-Pass.

Brooklands Park lies between Harry Stoke Road in the west and the existing Highbrook Park development in the east, extending as far as the A4174 Ring Road to the south.

The new estate will have a community centre, nursery and shops. Plans for a primary school have been submitted but are yet to be determined.

Work at Brooklands Park started in earnest shortly after final planning permission was granted in September 2019, although preliminary work to complete an already-approved east-west link road between Oxleigh Way and Westfield Lane began some months earlier.

As we went to press, we were informed that the Brooklands Park marketing suite would open on for business on 29th February and initially be open to the public at weekends only, with access from Westfield Lane.

There has also been recent activity on another future development site in the wider area, where Crest Nicholson will eventually build around 1,600 homes on its ‘East of Harry Stoke (south of the railway)’ land holding. Here, contractors working for Western Power Distribution have started work on undergrounding one of the two high voltage power lines which cross the area. Work to lay cable ducts around the perimeter of the site began in December 2019 and is due for completion in October 2020 (including removal of the existing overhead lines and the supporting pylons).

Photo showing preparations for electricity power line undergrounding taking place alongside the A4174.

Although outline planning permission for the ‘south of the railway’ site was granted in October 2018, the associated S106 infrastructure contribution agreement is still to be signed. South Gloucestershire Council recently agreed to extend the timeframe for completing the agreement by 12 months. Crest Nicholson says it anticipates that this will be done “in the coming weeks”, allowing infrastructure delivery to commence and leading to the first housing completions in summer 2021.

However, a housing supply report recently published by the council takes a more pessimistic view, assuming that delivery will not begin here until 2024/25.

Photos: 1 Construction activity at Brooklands Park, showing the soon-to-open marketing suite. 2 Preparations for electricity power line undergrounding taking place alongside the A4174.

Above: Illustrative map showing areas allocated for development and details of the the corresponding planning applications. [Click on icon on top right to view full screen]

The individual development areas in detail…


[1] Planning ref: PT12/1302/RM
Developer name:
Crest: Highbrook Park
166 homes already built

[2] Planning ref: PT17/5810/RM
Status: Under construction
Developer names:
Crest: Brooklands Park
Linden Homes: Brook Park
763 homes planned
Delivery: 2020 to 2027+

[3] Planning ref: PT17/5847/RM
Status: Awaiting decision
Developer name:
Crest: Highbrook Park Phase 2
257 homes planned
Delivery: 2023 to 2027+


[4] Planning ref: PT16/4782/O
Status: Outline permission; S106 and reserved matters pending
Developer name:
Crest: ‘South of the railway’
1,290 homes planned
Delivery: 2024 to 2027+

[5] Planning ref: PT16/4928/O
Status: Part approved; S106 and some reserved matters pending
Developer name:
Wainhomes: Mulgrove Farm Village
327 homes planned
Delivery: 2022 to 2025

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Postscript (11th March 2020)

Crest Nicholson has confirmed the official launch of its Brooklands Park development.

Coronavirus update from Crest Nicholson (24th March 2020)

“Following the guidance from the government, our sales suites and show homes across all Crest Nicholson developments are closed until further notice.”

“Our Sales Advisors continue to be available online and via phone to answer any questions and provide the information you need.”

Read more…

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