Road under Gipsy Patch Lane bridge to be tarmacked from Tuesday

Photo of a railway bridge with partly prepared road surface underneath.
Preparations being made (on 4th August 2021) for tarmacking the north-side carriageway under the new bridge.

Part of the road surface under the new Gipsy Patch Lane railway bridge is to be tarmacked in the coming week (w/c 9th August 2021) in preparation for the planned one-way (westbound-only) reopening of Gipsy Patch Lane in September.

The north-side of the underpass (which will eventually accommodate the two eastbound lanes) will be prepared for traffic, while the south-side will be fenced off to allow further work to take place in connection with the installation of drainage pumps.

The road surfacing work is scheduled to take place overnight, between the hours of 5pm and 2.30am, from Tuesday 10th August to Friday 13th August inclusive.

Pedestrian access under the railway bridge will remain open during the work, as will access to Pegasus Park (from the west).

A South Gloucestershire spokesperson said:

“We apologise for any disruption this work may cause and thank you for your continued patience.”

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The council previously stated that the one-way system is necessary to “allow safe and efficient working” during the construction of new bus lanes along Gipsy Patch Lane, on either side of the bridge.

The Journal understands that the work is being carried out overnight to avoid disruption to businesses operating within Pegasus Park, including precision engineering company Strenco whose premises are metres from the highway.

Visitors to South Gloucestershire Council’s public drop-in information event held in Little Stoke last Wednesday were told that the aim is to partially reopen the road under the bridge “in the first half of September”.

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Work gets under way

UPDATE added 10th August 2021.

Road surfacing work commenced this evening, as planned.

Photo of road resurfacing plant.
Road surfacing work under the new Gipsy Patch Lane railway bridge on the evening of Tuesday 10th August 2021.

Asphalt laid

UPDATE added 13th August 2021.

After three sessions of overnight work we now have three layers of asphalt on the north side of the underpass.

Photo of a partly-tarmacked road under a bridge.
Recently laid asphalt on the north-side carriageway (on the afternoon of Friday 13th August 2021).
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