Transport minister opens new multi-storey car park at Parkway Station

Baroness Kramer officially opens the new multi-storey car park at Bristol Parkway Station.

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer visited Stoke Gifford today to officially open a £13 million new station car park that will increase capacity and convenience for thousands of passengers.

The multi-storey car park at Bristol Parkway will provide an extra 710 parking spaces, in addition to the existing 1,100, to cater for increasing numbers of passengers using the station. Before the work, the site was regularly full.

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer said:

“The work at Bristol Parkway is a great example of what can be done, and will provide much-needed parking at this key station. This is great news for the communities of Bristol and South Gloucestershire.”

“More passengers than ever before are using the rail network, and this growth is expected to continue. Over the next five years, we are investing record amounts in modernising our railways and providing passengers with the facilities they need, so they can enjoy smoother, more convenient and more reliable journeys.”

FGW General Manager (Central) Rob Mullen said:

“Bristol Parkway Station serves almost three million rail passengers a year and this is expected to grow significantly when the line to London is electrified.”

“I am delighted to be able to provide the Minister with a tour of the new facility which significantly increases capacity, ensuring that we can cater for the increase in passenger demand both now and in the future.”

The £13 million scheme is part of a third and final tranche of successful bids from the £100m Station Commercial Projects Fund, launched in 2011 by Network Rail and the Department for Transport.

Patrick Hallgate, Route Managing Director for Network Rail Western, said:

“This scheme is a fantastic example of the rail industry, local authorities and other organisations working together to improve the passenger experience. Bristol has one of the highest predicted growth rates on the Western route over the next decade and this improvement will help meet the future demand.”

“Expanding the car park at Bristol Parkway is one of a number of projects we have in this area, others include the electrification and the redevelopment of Bristol Temple Meads station; all of which will help the local economy to continue to grow and thrive.”

The new building is clad in materials in keeping with the surrounding area. First Great Western says this also reduces light and noise pollution for the station’s neighbours.

Source: Press release from First Great Western

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  1. Where is the cost of parking in this artical i bet it will not be cheap only affordable for the well off Business traveller prices will most likely go up to pay for the 13million price tag.

  2. A nice new car park for drivers, but no dedicated cycle route to the station from Parkway North, nor is there a segregated footpath to the station from this direction as there was previously. It is now more dangerous to walk to the station as pedestrians and cars share the space. Not a very integrated approach to transport. FGW must be stuck in the 1970s and think car is king!

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