Overnight closures of Parkway Bridge between 12th and 20th March

Photo of a matrix sign displaying information about roadworks at Parkway Bridge.

Motorists and local residents are being advised to prepare for disruption caused by the planned overnight closure of roads in the vicinity of Parkway Station over a number of nights in March.

South Gloucestershire Council has announced that it plans to carry out major resurfacing work on Brierly Furlong and Hatchet Road between 12th and 20th March. The work will involve planing off the existing surface and the laying of a new surface.

Activity will start at around 8pm each night and continue until approximately 6am.

The council warns that the works will create “a significant amount of noise”.

The road through Parkway Railway Bridge will be closed from the junction of Hatchet Road and North Road to the junction of Brierly Furlong and the bus gate off New Road.

All traffic will be diverted around the area whilst the closures are in place. Access to properties and amenities fronting the site and whose only access is from the closed road, will be available at all times and every effort will be made to keep the disruption to local residents to a minimum. There will be no access to Parkway Station from Hatchet Road during the closure periods. All access to Parkway will be from the rear entrance (via Hunts Ground Road).

An SGC spokesperson said:

“Although alternative routes will be signposted whilst the works are in progress, it is possible that delays may occur on the surrounding network. Please watch the local press for any further news, but you are advised to avoid the area if possible for the duration of the works. South Gloucestershire Council apologises for any inconvenience caused by these essential works.”

The Journal understands that the main resurfacing work will take place between 12th and 17th March, with an additional day of supplementary work planned for loop cutting, which will take place overnight on 19th March.

Bus services which normally access Parkway Station and pass under the bridge will be affected, but no details of diversions were available as we went to press.

The council warns that adverse weather conditions or plant / delivery problems may affect the times and dates of the road closures.

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UPDATE (6th March 2018): Bus services

First Bus has now put out the following information:

Services 19 & 73 will divert from Great Stoke Way via Westfield Lane, Church Road, Hambrook Lane, Old Church Gloucester Road, Winterbourne Road and Hatchet Road (part unaffected). Services will turn on Hatchet Road at the roundabout by Tesco Express and then operate normal route. This diversion will be used in both directions.

Service 82 will operate normal route but will turn on Hatchet Road at the roundabout by Tesco Express. They will do this in both directions.

Stagecoach service 77 diversion (affects only the 7.10pm departure from Broadmead to Thornbury).

UPDATE (9th March 2018): Pedestrian access

An SGC spokesperson told the Journal: “Pedestrian access will be maintained whilst the roads are closed to vehicles for the essential resurfacing work. However, given the restrictive width of the road at this location, when the contractor is working directly under the bridge pedestrians will be unable to use this footpath and will be redirected around the work.”

UPDATE (9th March 2018): Statement from SGC

“We are aware of concerns about the upcoming overnight closures and we appreciate that there will be a longer walk to access the bus stops for customers using Parkway Station during this essential resurfacing work. We would like to reassure the travelling public that we are doing all that we can to minimise any inconvenience.”

“Prior to scheduling this work we consulted the station and First Bus and no concerns were raised. Carrying out the work at this time was considered to be a better option than undertaking it over the April school holidays.”

“Unfortunately there would be some inconvenience to pedestrians whenever we carry out this work. To help keep any disruption to a minimum, we moved the work from day time operation to overnight (8pm to approximately 6am, when there are significantly less customers using public transport), with no work taking place over the weekend.”

“Notices have been erected at the bus stops affected and within Parkway Station itself to notify people of the upcoming closures. We will also have additional staff available to help pedestrians who need assistance and they will guide people through diversion where necessary.”

“The taxi rank directly outside the station will remain fully operational and vehicles will be able to utilise the rear entrance to the station to drop off and pick up customers.”

“All trains and buses will continue to run during the work, temporary bus stops have been put in place while the work is carried out to allow passengers to access buses serving the station.”

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to the travelling public and ask for their patience during this essential resurfacing work. We envisage a significant positive impact for all public transport customers, pedestrians and road users as a result of this work as it will offer the public a safer and smoother route once complete.”

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  1. Poorly displayed diversion signs, with two signs providing unclear directions for which road to take. Not ideal late at night with poor visibility. Despite giving myself an extra half hour, by the time I’d circled through the diversions (twice) my passenger missed the last train.

    “We will also have additional staff available to help pedestrians who need assistance and they will guide people through diversion where necessary.” The Welsh chap I asked for help through the diversion was unable to help, due to ‘not being from the area’ (his words). The staff member in the station provided conflicting information (vs nationalrail.co.uk) at the last minute.

    Not happy.

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