Consultation on statutory notice for 20mph speed limit in Stoke Gifford ‘village’

Photo of Stoke Gifford ward councillors (l-r) Keith Cranney, Brian Allinson and Ernie Brown standing on the pavement in North Road.
Stoke Gifford ward councillors (l-r) Keith Cranney, Brian Allinson and Ernie Brown in North Road, who supported a 20mph speed limit in preference to the installation of raised tables. [Archive image]
South Gloucestershire Council is running a public consultation on the statutory notice drawn up to create a 20mph ‘signs only’ speed limit on North Road and all roads leading off it.

The latest consultation comes eight months after the council abandoned plans to install raised tables at the two existing zebra crossings along North Road.

The raised tables, first proposed in June 2019, were supported by a majority of the respondents to a consultation carried out at that time, but council officers subsequently dropped the plans due to a lack of support from local councillors.

An alternative proposal of a ‘signs only’ 20mph speed limit on North Road and the surrounding cul-de-sacs was then brought forward and consulted upon between 23rd September and 14th October 2019.

Justifying the change of approach, officers said:

“Current average speed readings support the installation of a 20mph speed limit without the need for physical traffic calming, which would significantly reduce the cost and disruption of the scheme.”

“The raised zebra crossings consulted on in the initial consultation were highly contentious amongst residents, particularly due to the need to create a temporary access just off Winterbourne Road which increased the cost of the scheme (to a total construction cost of approx. £71k).”

Voicing support for the revised proposals, Stoke Gifford ward councillor Keith Cranney said at the time:

“This is about protecting our community and keeping it safe and enjoyable place to live. By lowering the speed, it will reduce the likelihood of accidents and will protect everyone – from motorists to dog walkers and from children walking to school to residents going to the shops.”

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A feedback report issued following the consultation on the 20mph speed limit proposals, for which the installation costs are expected to be “approximately £3k”, showed that just over 60 percent of the 91 respondents were in favour.

On the subject of enforcement, the report states:

“20mph speed restrictions will be treated in the same way as any other speed limit in the Avon and Somerset Police area in that enforcement will not be routine but will be intelligence led and where there is evidence of clear and excessive offending, accompanied by an aggravating factor, Avon and Somerset Constabulary may consider enforcement where appropriate.”

The full list of roads on which it is proposed to install a 20mph speed limit is as follows: Barn Owl Way, Beaufort Crescent, Brins Close, Court Avenue, Couzens Place, Elm Grange, Field Farm Close, Hatchet Lane, Knightwood Road, Mead Road, North Road, Orchard Knoll, Oxbarton, Parsons Avenue, Rock Lane, Somerset Crescent, The Green and The Orchard

A statement of reasons document published as part of the current consultation on the statutory order justifies the introduction of the new speed limit as follows:

“Current speed readings on North Road (average of 20.5mph by the village green) support the introduction of a 20mph speed limit without the need for physical traffic calming, therefore avoiding the need to construct a temporary access at the northern end of Knightwood Road. The Bristol Twenty Miles Per Hour Limit Evaluation study showed a reduction of 2.7mph in average speeds through introducing a ‘sign only’ 20mph speed limit. Research has shown that ‘sign only’ 20mph limits reduce higher end speeds (85th and 95th percentile) the most.”

Consultation on the statutory order runs until Monday 22nd June 2020. Responses may be made via the consultation webpage or by post (quoting reference L3/STOP/PT.6551) to:

Legal Services Statutory Orders
South Gloucestershire Council
Legal, Governance & Democratic Services
PO Box 1953
BS37 0DB

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  1. Can you please do Gypsypatch lane littlestoke , whilst you are doing this, as its a racing track & so many people have been hit on the crossing as the cars are going too fast to stop.

    1. Sarah, I wonder if those cars are travelling faster than the existing speed limit? My suspicion is that, if they are unable to stop in a safe distance, they are. So they will (probably) take even less notice of a reduced limit.

  2. This road is surely one that should is self-limiting.

    In other words, sensible drivers cannot reasonably travel quicker than 20mph along here anyway, so a speed limit is largely unnecessary.

    Anyone doing more than a safe-speed is already not taking any notice of common sense, and will take even less notice of some numbers painted on sticks.

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