Proposal to create access into Parkway Tavern site directly off Hatchet Road

Photo of the former Co-operative food store on Hatchet Road.
The former Co-operative food store on Hatchet Road, Stoke Gifford.

A planning application has been submitted for the creation of a new access point directly off Hatchet Road into the site of the former Co-operative food store near Parkway Station.

The Co-op store ceased trading in January 2020 and the premises have remained unused since then. A statement released to the Journal at the time blamed the closure on “challenging market conditions and a significant decline in performance”.

Still trading at the site are the Smart Fish Bar (takeaway), a hairdresser and an estate agents. There are also four residential apartments above the retail units.

Although the former food store and fish bar face onto Hatchet Road, vehicular access into and out of the site is currently via entrance/exit points on North Road and Hatchet Lane.

The applicant, Danolly Limited, claims that the Co-op store’s closure was “in part attributed to
the lack of accessibility of the car park from the road network”, adding that the proposed alteration would “provide a more prominent and easily accessible access to the site”.

A supporting technical document says “it is hoped that the new access will improve the performance of the retail units [at the site]”.

Subject to approval and implementation, vehicles will be able to make left and right turns into and out of the site from Hatchet Road at a point that aligns roughly with the northern end of the former Co-op store’s frontage.

Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Care.

Delivery vehicles would not use the new access, so will continue to enter the site from the existing access point off Hatchet Lane and leave via the access point off North Road.

Three of the existing 50 parking bays at the site would be lost should the proposals be implemented.

In response to a pre-application enquiry by the applicant, a transport officer at South Gloucestershire Council raised concerns about the impact on the flow of traffic on Hatchet Road, saying:

“In relation to the proposed access, I do have concerns in relation to the location of the proposed access and the implications that this will have upon the flow of traffic in the vicinity. During the morning and evening peak hours this area is quite congested. Currently customers access the site off Hatchet Lane via the mini-roundabout onto North Road which provides opportunities and gaps in the traffic to enable this to occur – with this proposal there is the potential for right turning vehicles into the site potentially blocking northbound traffic on Hatchet Road.”

A technical note submitted as part of the application claims to demonstrate that the proposed access arrangement “complies with the relevant design guidance and will not result in a ‘severe’ impact upon the operation or safety of the local highway network”.

Details of the application may be viewed on the South Gloucestershire Council planning portal under reference P20/08482/F.

Update: Application withdrawn

Added 7th July 2020.

South Gloucestershire Council has announced that this planning application has been WITHDRAWN by the applicant.

Update: Application resubmitted

Added 3rd November 2020.

An amended planning application (P20/21170/F) was submitted on 27th October 2020.

It has been submitted on behalf of the same applicant and “consists of development of the same character and location as the previous application”.

The new application includes a technical note which is said to address the objections raised to the previous application.

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  1. They can’t be from this area as if they did they would know how bad the traffic problem is
    Are they going to put traffic lights in ?

  2. A hair dresser and estate agent trading at this site?! Where are these businesses? I think this information is incorrect.

    1. This information is correct. The estate agents is facing you as you drive into the car park and then as you drive round to the front you pass a barbers on your right.

  3. @Emily, The statement is taken from the applicant’s covering letter. Strictly speaking, WBS Barbers and Allen & Harris are just outside the boundary of the site (as defined in the submitted site plan), but the applicant clearly assumes that the customers of these businesses will be making use of the car park for which a new access point is being sought.

  4. Update (6th July 2020): South Gloucestershire Council has announced that this planning application has been WITHDRAWN by the applicant.

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