Plans approved for latest batch of 143 homes along Stoke Gifford By-Pass

Planning layout for a housing development.
Crest Nicholson Land East of Harry Stoke (South), Phases 2.1, 2.2a & 2.2b: Proposed planning layout. View original PDF on Dropbox.

Detailed plans for a further 143 homes along the Stoke Gifford By-Pass have been approved by officers at South Gloucestershire Council.

Submitted by Crest Nicholson, the ‘reserved matters’ application relates to Phases 2.1, 2.2a & 2.2b of the developer’s ‘South of the Railway’ site, which has outline planning permission for a total of 1,290 homes, a local centre, community facilities, landscaping and open space.

The Crest Nicholson land forms the bulk of the East of Harry Stoke New Neighbourhood, where 2,000 homes are expected to be built over the next decade and beyond.

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The latest batch of homes will be built on the east side of the by-pass, to the north and south of Hambrook Lane.

Phase 1 of the wider Crest Nicholson development, which is being marketed under the name ‘Highbrook View’, is currently under construction on the west side of the by-pass.

The eastern junction of the by-pass and Hambrook Lane is now permanently closed to motor vehicles.


A new signalised junction has been created on the by-pass, to the south of the Hambrook Lane junction, which already provides access to Phase 1 and will also be used for ingress and egress to/from Phase 2.

Work on strategic infrastructure within the Phase 2 parcels, including highways and drainage, has been going on for some time, this work having been approved under an earlier ‘reserved matters’ planning application.

Proposed street elevations for a housing development.
Crest Nicholson Land East of Harry Stoke (South), Phases 2.1, 2.2a & 2.2b: Proposed street elevations. View original PDF on Dropbox.

The main body of the Phase 2 parcels will be comprised of two- and two-and-a-half-storey dwellings. However, in keeping with the approved design code for the overall ‘South of the Railway’ site, “strong and distinctive” three- and four-storey dwellings will be used on the frontages to the by-pass (see top line in the image above).

The Phase 2 parcels include 32 affordable housing units (22.4 percent of the 143 total), of which 25 units will be available for social rent and seven units offered as shared ownership.

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The development will satisfy the council’s policy requirement to reduce CO2 emissions further than the current building regulations by at least 20 percent through the use of air source heat pumps in homes and hot water heat pumps in apartment blocks.

Officers accepted that the proposed car parking provision and electric vehicle charging point provision are compliant with the council’s current planning policies.

South Gloucestershire Council’s latest housing trajectory analysis, contained within its Annual Monitoring Report 2022, suggests that homes on the Phase 2 parcels will not come forward before 2026/27.

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