“Excellent” Post-16 examination results registered by Abbeywood students

Abbeywood Community School has reported “excellent” results achieved by its A-Level and Level-3 BTEC students this year, with 72 percent of all grades at A*-C and some outstanding individual performances.

Photo of a group of students and teachers.
Abbeywood Community School high achievers in Post-16 examinations: Mac Elmorssy, Dylan Parrish, Anais Elezi and Robyn Wright, pictured with Simon Hardy (associate leader and head of mathematics) and Sarah Traynor (deputy director of Post-16).

Students from the school are moving on to study at many of the top universities in the country, including Bristol, Exeter and Imperial College London.

The school once again has a student who will be starting at Oxford University. Similarly, following some excellent results, there are students who have been accepted onto prestigious apprenticeships, for example, at Burgess Salmon and the Ministry of Defence.

Individual successes

Notable individual successes highlighted by the school include:

  • Dylan Parrish 4A*s in Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
  • Anais Elezi 2A*s and 1A in Psychology, Criminology and History
  • Amy Barber 1A and 2Bs in Criminology, English and Psychology
  • David Boyes 1A*, 2As and 1B in Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
  • Charlie Chamberlain 2A*s and 2As in Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics
  • Libby Charles 2A*s and 1A in Criminology, Psychology and Business
  • Sarah Crabtree 2As and 1B in Art, Psychology and Chemistry
  • Mac Elmorssy 3A*s and 1A in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
  • Cam Thompson 2As and 1B in Psychology, Biology and Chemistry
  • James Nelson 3As in History, Biology and Sociology
  • Grace Tucker 2As and 1C in Criminology, Art and Psychology
  • Robyn Wright 2A*s and 1Dist* in Psychology, Sociology and Business
  • Emily Ashton 2Dist* and 1A in Business, Health & Social Care and Photography
Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Care.

Headteacher Benjamin Dilley commented:

“In what has again been another challenging year for all of our young people, with missed sessions and uncertainty with exams, I am exceptionally proud of our students. They have continued to maintain positive attitudes and shown great resilience. We are incredibly proud of all that they have achieved both academically and socially as they have progressed into outstanding young people. I would also like to thank our committed teaching staff, who have gone above and beyond in providing excellent teaching, support and inspiration for our students. We wish all of our students well and are confident that they are on course to succeed at degree level, in their apprenticeships or employment.”

Engineering Centre results

Headline outcomes at the Abbeywood Engineering Centre are:

  • 58 percent of Triple Engineers [Extended Diploma] achieved DDD or better (equivalent to AAA at A-level)
  • 81 percent of Triple Engineers achieved at least one D (equivalent to an A at A-level) across their triple qualification
  • 75 percent of Double Engineers achieved a DD or better (equivalent to AA at A Level).

Students are moving on to degree apprenticeships at regional engineering companies, craft apprenticeships in aerospace and studying at higher education level in a wide range of engineering disciplines.


Dave Baker, CEO at Olympus Academy Trust, said:

“The strong results achieved by Post-16 students across the Trust this year are of particular significance as they have come out of a period of adversity and challenge for learners who missed their GCSE exams and so much face to face teaching because of the global pandemic. I offer my congratulations to students and wish them all well in their next steps. Thanks also to all Olympus staff who have supported students to succeed.”

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