Residents object to Parsons Avenue Indian takeaway proposal

Just Dogs, Parsons Avenue, Stoke Gifford, Bristol

A planning application to convert a vacant shop unit in Parsons Avenue into an Indian takeaway has attracted a mass of objections from concerned local residents.

Formerly trading as the ‘Just Dogs’ grooming parlour, the unit has been empty for a number of months. It stands in a block of two units, the other being occupied by Shipway Gents’ Barbers.

A total of 27 residents have lodged comments on the application with South Gloucestershire Council, with the overwhelming majority being against the plan on grounds that include parking and traffic issues, cooking smells, litter, noise, vermin and anti-social behaviour. Several objectors also claim that Stoke Gifford already has a sufficient number of takeaway businesses.

Stoke Gifford Parish Council’s Planning Committee has also objected to the scheme, claiming it would

“Impact on neighbouring residents, lack of parking and general traffic congestion, increased litter and smells.”

Just one resident appears to be favour, citing concern over the fact that the property has stood empty for a long period, losing income for the Council’s Property Services department (confirmed as the owner on the application form).

The opening hours proposed by the applicant are from 5pm to 10pm, seven days a week (including bank holidays).

According to information submitted with the application, there have been three applications over the last ten years to turn the neighbouring unit (no. 2) into a takeaway and all have been rejected.

One of those applications, in 2005, went to an appeal where it was dismissed by the inspector on the grounds that it would be “detrimental to the living conditions of nearby residents”.

The applicant claims that the proposed development will create a number of locally based jobs and generally contribute to the local economy, although the number of jobs that will be created is not specified on the application form.

Photo: ‘Just Dogs’ pictured in 2009, prior to its closure.

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  1. The planning application for the Indian takeaway has been “called in” by Stoke Gifford Councillor Keith Cranney.

    Members of South Gloucestershire Council’s Development Control (West) Sites Inspection Sub-Committee will now visit the site on Friday 13th April.

    Councils officer say the key issues to be considered are:

    * What will the impact of the development be on the amenity of the area
    and highway safety in terms of vehicular traffic and parking?

    * What will the effect be on the residential amenity of the neighbouring
    occupiers in terms of noise, smells and disturbance?

    * What the effect will be on the character of the surrounding area?

    * What will the effect be on the character of the building?

    * Will the proposal be detrimental to the vitality and viability of existing
    local centres?

    * What will the effect be on the range of services to the community?

    More info: Agenda item for Sites Inspection Sub-Committee

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