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Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension

Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension overview diagram.

The Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension (CPME) is an extension of the North Fringe to Hengrove Package MetroBus route which, once complete, will connect to other MetroBus routes which are currently being built, including the South Bristol Link and Ashton Vale to Temple Meads.

NEW: For detailed information about current and upcoming construction work associated with the CPME scheme, visit our MetroBus Extension Build page.

Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension (CPME) within the wider MetroBus network.

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) is proposing that the CPME runs between Bristol Parkway Station and The Mall bus station, via Hatchet Road, Gipsy Patch Lane, through the former Rolls-Royce East Works site, along North Way, under the A38 via the existing underpass at the Combination Ground junction, and through the former Filton Airfield site (earmarked for redevelopment as part of the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood).

The map on the right shows how the CPME fits in with the wider MetroBus network. View a larger version. [PDF; Dropbox]

A significant element of the CPME project is the replacement of the existing rail bridge at Gipsy Patch Lane. An SGC committee has already approved development of the replacement bridge, which will have a wider span and greater headroom, and provide one general traffic lane and one bus lane in each direction plus shared use paths for cyclists and pedestrians on both sides of the carriageway.

For the latest information, visit the Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension page on the SGC website.

For archived information, visit the Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension page on the Travelwest website.

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Source: SGC (previously Travelwest)


  • Spring 2014:  Site surveys and preliminary design work
  • Autumn/Winter 2015: Public consultation
  • Winter/Spring 2016: Consultation analysis
  • Summer 2016 to Summer 2017: Detailed design
  • February 2018: Planning applications submitted
  • July 2018: Planning applications approved

To be completed:

  • February 2019: Utility works on Gipsy Patch Lane
  • June 2019: Four-week closure of Gipsy Patch Lane for utility diversions
  • Summer 2019: Construction starts
  • 2020: Gipsy Patch Lane Bridge construction
  • 2022:  Construction complete and MetroBus services operating on the route

Change log

Updated February 2019:

  • Timeline now published on SGC website rather than Travelwest website (archive version).
  • ‘Utility works on Gipsy Patch Lane’ (February 2019) added.
  • ‘Four-week closure of Gipsy Patch Lane for utility diversions’ (June 2019) added.
  • ‘Construction complete and services operating’ (2021) renamed ‘Construction complete and MetroBus services operating on the route’ (2022).

Updated October 2018:

  • ‘Construction starts’ (2019) was previously 2018.

Updated February 2018:

  • ‘Gipsy Patch Lane bridge construction’ (2020) was previously 2019.

Updated December 2017:

  • ‘Planning applications submitted’ date (February 2018) was previously winter 2017.

Updated March 2017:

  • ‘Services operating’ date (2021) was previously 2019.

Planning applications

PT18/0986/F | Demolition and construction of new railway bridge to provide widened carriageway, footways and cycle lanes at Gipsy Patch Lane and works to lower the highway beneath. Received 28th February 2018. Approved 12th July 2018.

PT18/0987/R3F | Widening of Gipsy Patch Lane between the junction with Titan Road (on former Rolls Royce East Works site now known as Horizon 38) and the junction with Bush Avenue. Upgrading of two bus stops to MetroBus style bus stops on Hatchet Road. Received 28th February 2018. Approved 12th July 2018.

PT18/0988/R3F | Extension of the carriageway at North Road by approximately 220 metres and provision of a new three arm roundabout at the end of North Way, as well as the construction of a new bridge across the unnamed ordinary watercourse within the site, relocation of existing club house and changing facility. Received 28th February 2018.

PT18/0992/R3F | Reconfiguration of San Andreas Roundabout to include an extension / elongation of the existing roundabout, signalisation of the roundabout, and construction of a new spur road in the south east between the existing connections to Brabazon Roundabout and Merlin Road. Received 1st March 2018. Approved 12th July 2018.

Amendment to CPME route

Statement placed on the Travelwest website on 10th December 2018:

“South Gloucestershire Council’s Executive Member for Planning, Transport & Strategic Environment made a decision on 30th November 2018 to not progress the North Way Bus Link element of the current CPME scheme and instead to progress an amendment to the CPME route.  The report that led to this decision is available to view on the Council’s website at

“The planning application for the North Way bus link has therefore been withdrawn.  However the North Way link remains an aspiration of the Council for future delivery in order to improve sustainable transport options in the north fringe area.”

Supplementary applications

P19/1969/RVC | Variation of condition 13 attached to planning permission PT18/0986/F to remove the need for the applicant to dismantle as carefully as possible, store for sixth months and offer the components to the Bristol Aerospace Museum.

P19/1891/NMA | Non material amendments to PT18/0986/F to pile the bridge foundations, backfill to the rear of the abutments to comprise polystyrene blocks and the bridge to be installed in component parts.

Public consultation

27th November 2015 to 15th January 2016
Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension public consultation

This consultation is asking for your views on the proposals. We want to know if you have any particular concerns about the proposals and if you have any suggestions for improvements. Outcomes:
(1) Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension Consultation Issues Report
(2) Responses to main issues raised during the consultation

Council Meetings

12th July 2018
Development Control (West) Committee
Venue: Turnberries Community Centre, Bath Road, Thornbury


Item 13: PT18/0986/F | Demolition/construction of new railway bridge…

Item 14: PT18/0987/R3F | Widening of Gipsy Patch Lane…

Item 15: PT18/0992/R3F | Reconfiguration of San Andreas Roundabout…

Minutes (items 48, 49 & 50 refer)

4th May 2018
Development Control (West) Sites Inspection Sub Committee
Venue: In the vicinity of Stokers Public House, Gipsy Patch Lane, Little Stoke

Agenda item 11: PT18/0986/F – Land at Gipsy Patch Lane, Hatchet Road and Station Road, Stoke Gifford

Minutes (item 6 refers)

4th December 2017
Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood

Agenda item 18: Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension – Hatchet Road Bus Lane Review

Pre-meeting press release from the Conservative Group on SGC (24th November 2017)

Outcome: “That approval be given to proceed with the agreed CPME scheme but without the southbound bus lane on Hatchet Road
and without the bus priority on the Gipsy Patch Lane / Hatchet Road roundabout.” Passed by four votes to two, with one abstention.

Post-meeting press release from the Conservative Group on SGC (4th December 2017)

Minutes (item 72 refers)

19th July 2017
Full Council

Petition debated by council
Agenda item 9: Hatchet Road Bus Lane

Outcome: “Council requests that transport officers re-examine plans for the route of the Metro Bus from the Hatchet Road Roundabout to Parkway Station, investigate whether the CPME Scheme can be delivered in a different way, and prepares a paper to bring to a public Cabinet meeting in the Autumn for this issue to be discussed further which will lead to these proposals going out for further consultation.”

Minutes (item 21 refers)

17th May 2017
Full Council

Petition presented to council
Agenda item 10: Paul Tanner on behalf of Hatchet Road Action Group

Minutes (item 9 refers)

6th July 2016
Environment and Community Services Committee
Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood

Agenda item 14: Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension

Outcome: Officer recommendations (including Hatchet Road bus lane) approved by 7 votes to 6.

Minutes (published 31st August 2016; item 13 refers)

4th May 2016
Planning, Transportation and Strategic Environment Committee
Venue: Hayfields (Cleve Rugby Club), Cossham Street, Mangotsfield

Agenda item 11: Outcome of the Consultation on MetroBus Extension

Minutes (published 28th June 2016; item 103 refers)

Other Meetings

19th November 2018
Public Meeting called by Stoke Gifford Parish Council
At Little Stoke Community Hall, starting at 7pm

SGJ article published prior to the meeting:
Public meeting called to discuss planned two-year roadworks on Gipsy Patch Lane

SGJ article published after the meeting:
‘MetroBus 2’: Councillors push for early formation of Gipsy Patch Lane works liaison group

7th March 2017
Public Meeting called by Stoke Gifford Parish Council
At The Old School Rooms, North Road, starting at 7pm

See: Poster

Overview published on the Hatchet Road 2016 Facebook page

22nd November 2016
Public Meeting called by Stoke Gifford Parish Council

SGJ article published prior to the meeting:
Councils on collision course over Hatchet Road bus lane plans

SGJ article published after the meeting:
Councillors to press for deferral of Hatchet Road bus lane plans

Press releases

Update on the Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension
8th July 2016 | South Gloucestershire Council

Gipsy Patch Lane rail bridge replacement

From a report to the SGC Environment and Community Services Committee on 6th July 2016:

“The bridge replacement requires a 100 hour rail possession. This length rail possession is only available twice a year; during Easter or Christmas. The current programme targets a 100 hour rail possession during Easter 2019 for the bridge replacement works.”

Hatchet Road bus lane

CPME Hatchet Road bus lane overview plan.

Above: The planned bus lane will run on the southbound side of Hatchet Road, from point A (Gipsy Patch Lane roundabout) to point B (Ratcliffe Drive roundabout).

Petitions and protest groups

Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension stories in The Journal

Cribbs Patchway MetroBus Extension in the wider media

26th November 2018 | Bristol Post
Why cost of new bridge for MetroBus has doubled
The price tag for a key part of the MetroBus network on Bristol’s North Fringe could balloon to £75 million.

16th July 2018 2018 | Bristol Post
Metrobus bridge work could mean “financial ruin” for businesses
Businesses could face financial ruin when a project to link South Gloucestershire into the Metrobus map goes ahead, a councillor has warned. One firm said it would have have to lay off employees and may even by forced to close when a major project to remodel a railway bridge begins.

20th June 2018 | Bristol Post
Metrobus bridge doubles in price to £50 million
The cost of replacing a key bridge in the Metrobus network has doubled to an eye watering £50 million. Bristol Live understands works to rebuild and widen Gipsy Patch Lane rail bridge in Little Stoke have shot up by an extra £25 million.

Thousands have signed a petition calling for Hatchet Road not to be widened for MetroBus
4th May 2017 | Bristol Post
Local campaigners have taken a step towards beating plans to widen Hatchet Road for the MetroBus after gathering over 2,500 signatures on a petition – forcing a debate on the issue at full council.

Stoke Gifford residents say £2 million is being wasted on a Metrobus extension ‘no-one will use’
8th March 2017 | Bristol Post
‘Why is the council spending £2 million on a bus route no one wants or will use?’ This was main the question from a packed public meeting where residents discussed plans for a MetroBus extension.

‘We would replace hedgerow if MetroBus lane is built in Stoke Gifford’ – South Glos councillor
22nd February 2017 | Bristol Post
A top South Gloucestershire councillor has offered to replace a hedgerow if a controversial bus lane is built in Stoke Gifford. Residents in Hatchet Road and nearby are fuming at plans to build a £2million bus lane for the new MetroBuses which will only save 29 seconds in journey times. The plan would mean taking out a mature hedgerow which screens houses from the busy road.

New bus lane for MetroBus would cost at least £2million – and save just 29 seconds in journey time
21st February 2017 | Bristol Post
New bus lane for MetroBus would cost at least £2million – and save just 29 seconds in journey time. Parish councillors dispute the time saving on Hatchet Road because the buses might have to stop at traffic lights on the stretch of road where the bus lane would be built.

Bristol’s MetroBus network to be extended to The Mall at Cribbs Causeway
7th July 2016 | Bristol Post
Councillors in South Gloucestershire have decided to extend the £200m MetroBus network to Cribbs Causeway. The extension on the northern fringe-to-Hengrove route will run between Bristol Parkway Station and The Mall bus station, via Hatchet Road, Gipsy Patch Lane, through the former Rolls Royce East Works site, along North Way, and through the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood.

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